Now, the two of us love moving around. Whether by plane or train or car, we have always been keen on new places and people and experiences.

During a particular road trip from the east coast (where we both attend college) to the west coast (where we were born and raised), Danielle and I fell in love with the idea of stories.

See, stories are pretty cool when you think about them. How each day we live we get to experience things that are all part of a bigger plan; how each one of our lives is a fraction of a much bigger story created by an Author who is in love with each one of His characters. An Author who has not only picked out the setting but created it. 

Somewhere between North Carolina and Tennessee, we really started to believe this incredible truth and it changed everything for us. Each and every day was given a significance it had never held before. Each person we met and place we visited mattered; each sunset and thunderstorm and conversation and highway.

Road trips like this one seem to have the greatest way of making us feel incredibly small. Through hours of meandering through diverse cities and diners and gas stations we were continually reminded that there is a grander picture then we could see; that our stories were part of a bigger one and that ultimately there is a God who has created it all so that we will be able to know Him better. Through each of the states we visited and people we encountered, we were granted an opportunity to discover more and more of the God of whom we have fallen in love with.  

Coming home from our forty-six hour drive, we were left with two things: the stories of our cross-country trip, and the spare change left in our center consul.

Arriving at the house, I did what had become customary after any sort of travel. I pulled out my laptop and began detailing the past week.

Danielle, the craftier one of us two, had another approach to storytelling. She took the spare change from our trip and created jewelry. Jewelry that had been exchanged through hands in the places we had traveled and cities we had explored. Jewelry that told the stories of the people we had met. 

Once the blog was finished and the all the change was converted to jewelry our first instinct was to go on another “trip,” but then realized something even more significant. While road trips and flights and adventures between different states and countries are wonderful, incredible people and stories exist amidst the simple and modest routines of ordinary life too.

Stories were all around us, wherever we might be.  

And so here we are now, two years later, still storytelling the best way we know how. We tell stores with the sole hope that through each and every one, the Lord will be acknowledged. That He will be revealed through our attempts in collecting coins and the way in which they are then molded into jewelry. And, that He will be glorified through every unique and extraordinary person's word hanging from their neck, and in the depth of the stories that lie behind each one. 

More than anything though, we pray that amidst the plethora of chipped edges and flawed grammar, He would take the modest talents of writing and craft as an offering; using two simple and incredibly flawed sisters to bring Him praise.