We have a team of heroes. A team of incredible people who have played a special part in our lives. A team of people who have committed their lives loving and serving our God. A team of people who believe strongly in the power of prayer. 

Since our beginnings, Our Spare Change has been receiving the most incredible stories and words through orders from people all across the country. We love and are so blessed that we get the opportunity to create jewelry for each person and tell their story, but have been feeling a huge conviction about the time we have had to pray for each piece of jewelry we send out. This company was started through constant prayer and created on the basis of it. We believe strongly in the power that prayer has and feel the responsibility that each and every person who sends in an order deserves to be prayed over.

Due to the constraints of time though, we know that it is impossible to pray over each person the way we desire to. This is where our Prayer Team comes in. We have a team of amazing individuals who have committed to praying over 3-7 specific people every week. Each week we send out individual emails distributing the names of orders that have come in throughout the prior week to be prayed over. Some orders have stories attached and some just have a name, place and a word. Each name and word we receive will be prayed for the way it deserves to be. 

Danielle and I love making jewelry. We love hearing your stories and we love sharing them, but these things are not the backbone of this company. 

The fact that we get to pray to our Heavenly Father who hears and loves His children is

     This Prayer Team is.