Our Spare Change is exactly what it sounds like: The collection of two sister's excess coins, crafted into handmade jewelry. Each and every necklace and bracelet  created started as a coin. A coin that was passed along through the hands of strangers and ended up in our pockets. A coin that has been pounded and prayed over and molded just for you. 

Our one hope is that you would not confuse this for a jewelry site. Yes, we sell jewelry but our real joy is in the business of storytelling. 

Danielle is the artist and all things craft. 

I, Hillary, am the writer and all things business. 

We pray that you would hold each crafted coin and know that it holds a specific place and time and memory in our hearts. We pray also, that you would read the word atop each coin, recognizing that the story it holds matters and is worth sharing. Finally, we pray that you would read along as we share the hearts and hopes and words of people across states and countries who have, and continue, to share their stories with us. 

More than anything though, we pray that through our humble attempts at crafting and sharing stories, you will see glimpses of the real Author and Creator of the Story of Life.