we have been receiving the most incredible stories from people around the United States through your orders about words & the meaning behind them. we don't want them to stop with this website & just danielle & I anymore. we believe that these are the foundation of this company.

the foundation of our heart & purpose behind what we do. 

and we want them to be shared.


Kathryn Trigo
New Orleans, LA
writing: chesed mufla
story: “this is a gift for a friends birthday, and her favorite characteristic of god is grace--but to go even further the feeling of grace. this phrase is hebrew and translates directly into amazing grace--but it is the phrase used for the feeling grace. at first i didn't understand it, but as i started thinking about it, it makes sense. the word amazing means causing great surprise and wonder. we are extended this undeserved grace, which creates in us a feeling of complete awe and wonder, which is what the feeling of grace is.”


Holly lynch
Harrisonburg, VA
writing: 18.5238° N, 72.5557° W
story: “This necklace is for a gift for my freshman year college roomie, now best friend. She accepted Jesus into her life in Haiti and these are the coordinates of that special place.”


Becca Marrick
Augusta, GA
writing: empowered
story: “This is for my friend Becca who will be receiving her white coat for Occupational therapy this Saturday. We use the word empowered often in conversations both about her season of life and her relationship with our creator. He doesn't need Becca in the story of healing our friends with differing abilities- but He loves her enough to empower her to be a part of it. It also represents what she will be doing for others Empowering them through therapy in love live their best life in a world not built for them. To tell them "yes you can" when the world says other wise. To empower them to independence and navigating their everyday life in a way that is both dignifying and celebrated.”


Caroline White
Charleston, SC
writing: 12.0464° S, 77.0428° W
story: “This is the coordinates of Lima, Peru. Where i gave my heart, fully, to Jesus.”
writing: 56.3766° N,  3.8420° W
story: “Crieff, Scotland. This is where I experienced a big turn around for myself and my relationship with the Lord. My heart was refreshed and I was reminded of my identity, I am not depression, I am a daughter of the King. I feel like this trip was a big shift for me with my depression and felt renewed and ready to take on this battle from a new perspective. I was my full self here, the self i hadn't seen in a really long time. Every time i think of Scotland, I am reminded of that person and reminded that I am that person and no one else. These are reminders of places in my life and my faith where change has taken place, confidence was strong, and battles were fought.”
writing: tolmaó 
writing: eleutheros
story: “tolmaó: to have courage, to be bold
eleutheros: free, i.e. not a slave or not under restraint


Jessa Norton
Charleston, SC
writing: live loved
story: “My two best friends in the world have been with me through many trials and triumphs. They are beautiful, brilliant, and witty women so deserving of love. The good news? They are undeniably, unconditionally loved by our God. I hope that His love will continue to shape how all three of us live our lives and love all other souls that we encounter. Their love has already shaped me and, as college seniors with new paths in front of us, I cannot wait to see how our lives will unfold. I hope that there are late nights and early mornings. I hope for adventures, laughter, long hikes, good food, and grace in buckets. Two things are for certain though, God loves these girls and so do I”


Michelle Wilson
Charleston, SC
writing: JKRE
writing: savior
story: “These are the first initials of my adopted parents and birth parents. God blessed me with my adopted parents. I also have a tattoo of these initials.”


Nicole Cooper
San Luis Obispo
writing: ireki jarraitzen
story: “When I lived in the Basque Country, I continued to be open. I was open to new opportunities, open to new approaches in changing my daily routine, open to new feelings, and open to a new way of appreciation. I will continue to be open"


Xiaojun Gao
Memphis, TN
writing: chara
story: “CHARA means "joy" in greek. It best describes my sister-in-law. Happy 24 Birthday dear Peypey!!”


Meghan Gildea
Birmingham, AL
writing: 26° 21' 29" N  80° 5' 0" W
story: “My sister is the maid of honor in my wedding and these our the coordinates of the house we grew up in!”


Carly Orcutt
Harrisburg, VA
writing: rooted & redeemed
story: “I once was was running towards sin and choosing a life that I thought was satisfying but continually left me feeling empty...BUT because of the Cross, I now choose to run to Jesus. Because I am rooted in Christ, I am redeemed from the sin I once was chained down to. Jesus's blood has wiped me clean! I am now rooted in Him and redeemed from my past.”
writing: free indeed
story: “A gift for my best friend who is no longer tied down to the former things she once was living for, the Cross has set her free and she is free indeed.”


Cassie Segerson
Austin, TX
writing: remain
story: “This is for one of my best friends. As she has wrapped up grad school and moved to a new city, I've been repeatedly praying for her to remain confidents of the truths Jesus has promised us. John 15 is the most evident example of what a life remaining in Christ looks like. I pray daily that she can remain joy-filled, and not weary. That she can be purpose-filled, as her days feel mundane, may she remembers our purpose is so much bigger than an earthly job. May she remain confident in who she is, as she's met with "no's" for jobs. and may she remain fulfilled by her calling as a daughter of Christ; to trust in the promise He made to us when He sent His Son to die for us. Remain -- may not be easy, but its obedient and thats the sweetest part of it all. He chose you to remain in HIM. Celebrate that today and everyday, friend.”


Dorothy Kaye DeCubellis
Southborough, MA
writing: VI.XIX.MMXVII
story: “This was the day my first born daughter was born, June 19, 2017. The most memorable day of my life.”


Paige Adams
Wheeling, IL
writing: sophron
story: “Sophron is a Greek work from the Bible that stands for self control. Self control is a common theme in the Bible and as I was reading through Titus this is something that is commanded and something that we will continue to strive for daily. Self control is both a lifetime need and a lifetime pursuit. I pray to be a sophron woman of the Lord and to be adorned with the mind of Christ.”


Ava Lindstrom
Coppell, TX
writing: kingdom come
story: “I would like to have a reminder of where my hope lies and what I am living for - the coming kingdom of Christ. When I feel overwhelmed with the hurt and anxiety from this world/ life, it helps to remember to look ahead on the promises God has made to restore all things when his kingdom comes. And it is a reminder to keep my eyes open for the ways his kingdom is already here in glimpses, and to serve my part in making that happen!”


Brooke Beard
Phoenix, AR
writing: 33.408294 N -117.609533 W
story: “Riviera Beach // San Clemente, CA
This beach has been such a familiar place in all of the seasons of my life - learning how to first swim (floaties were definitely involved), discovering who Jesus really is & the place that my fiancé asked me to be his forever. This is my absolute favorite place in the world (besides chick-fil-a).”


Jessie Clark
Mason, OH
writing: hallelujah
story: “I absolutely love the song,  hallelujah. I feel a deep connection with god and his presence during the song every time. It is a constant reminder to me to celebrate life and time we have on earth.”


Ashley Mintz
Syracruse, NY
writing: 41.188N -74.069W
story: “Our happy place! Where our friendship formed, was fostered, and continues to flourish. The place where from Rainy Days to RamaGames, we're always having fun (even when we hate it)”


Hailey Onuscheck
Fort Worth, TX
writing: talitha cum
story: “Mark 5:41. This expression translates to, "Little girl, rise!" Jesus speaks these words to Jairus' 12-year-old daughter who was dead and she immediately got up and began to walk. My sister and I love this verse. It reminds us that we serve a God that has conquered death. It reminds us to be bold and to rise up in faith. "Do not fear, only believe." This phrase also marks a time when we both decided to pursue God wholeheartedly, even if it meant we were going to be persecuted and not understood by our family and friends. It also reminds us to keep each other accountable and that we will always be each other's safe place to love the Lord.”


Kaitlyn Helkey
Mason, OH
writing: so loved
story: “"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16
I chose this phrase to remind myself how adored I am by God, knowing I could never love him back in the same capacity that he loves me.”


Paige McGraw
Virginia Beach, VA
writing: 54°26'N 18°34'E
writing: 32°57'N 117°16W
story: “My boyfriend and I have a love for the ocean. These (shortened) coordinates represent special places where we've experienced a new ocean together. We hope to expand my bracelets as we continue our travels!”


Paula Ernst
Alexandra, VA
writing: 38.9072° N, 77.0369° W
writing: 41.1845° N, 73.1332° W
story: “lat and long for Washington, DC and Stratford, CT .... the two places Aunt Kate and I live(d)”
writing: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity
writing: family
story: “I work for the FBI.   Family means both work family and the Chanda family"


Erica Zeilman

Elon, NC
writing: beloved
story: “beloved: a reminder that i am a beloved daughter of the King. regardless of what happens in my day to day life, this is my identity & i should be living out of it constantly.”


Kathleen Hockema
McAllen, TX
writing: hockey
writing: 32.7555 N 97.3308 W
story: “I love that I can take what is important to me ( Fort Worth and my families name) and mix it with a company and story that is important to yall!”


Caroline Kopsky
Chesterfield, MO
writing: nmb
writing: mandy
story: These bracelets go to 2 very special friends on their special birthdays!!


Beth Stevens
Mission Viejo, CA
writing: rhys strands
story: ”These two words are my life. One is my son and the other is my favorite place❤️”


Regan Gillotte
San Clemente, CA
writing: xo
story: “Oh man, Jess could tell this story way cuter. The xo bangle in copper is a gift for my 5ft. tall crazy Greek friend Jess. Her last name is Xepoleas on her dad's side and Ordoins on her mom's side so xo are their initials together. She's been meaning to get a tattoo xo on her arm for a while now so this bracelet can serve as a reminder in the meantime! 
ks - Kevin Schulz haha after 6 years you think I'd be sick of the name, but it'll be nice to have a keepsake for when he's on the road :) “


Jordan Stewart
Caldwell, TX
writing: DBS
story: “These are my soon to be nephews initials! Gonna give this to his momma (my sister in law) when he's born!”


Mary Ziegler
Mount Pleasant, SC
writing: home
story: “I'm a Realtor and when the keys to a new home are passed across the closing table it's a really big deal.   So what better way to honor that very specific activity of handing the key to a new & excited homeowner than by attaching a very special key ring that has been prayfully made and  individually prayed over?”


Alyson Linden
Brighton, CO
writing: trust in you
story: “Being in your early 20's is hard. When will you get married? Kids in your mind? How's the job search going? Have you really gone out three times this week? What do you mean you want to travel the world? So many questions and feeling like you never have the right answer. I have a friend who is going through a time in her life where she is doubting not only herself, but where God has her. I got her a necklace that says "trust in You" to have a daily reminder to trust the dreams that God has laid on her heart, and to have faith that she's walking through this part of her life for a reason.”


Chele Naudin
Waco, TX
writing: hallelujah
story: “When I get the necklace I'll post a picture with the story and tag yalls account!!! That way people can see all of the other great work you do. Super proud of y'all always. :)”


Sarah Vanderhoff
Athens, OH
writing: peace
story: “I've come to find that what is hardest for me to have is peace -- only when I am fully trusting in Jesus do I feel at peace with the future, the past, what I'm currently battling.  The word "peace" is a constant reminder for me to lean on Him!”


Jasmine Bullington
Marshville, NC
writing: do good
story: “Doing Good has always been something I've leaned towards. Gods graciousness in my life is far more than I deserve, so if by me doing good in any way projects his love and goodness to others so they can see all that he does, and can do for them, then he can be praised All the more!”


Bethany Alexander
Macon, GA
writing: free indeed
story: “I wanted to get this phrase on a necklace to remember the summer that has just come to a close. I spent the summer at Young Life's Discipleship Focus and had a life changing experience of growth and seeing the gospel both more deeply and more simply. 
The verse that encompasses a great deal of what I learned about fully becoming the person God has made me to be is, John 8:36.
It says, "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."


Hailey Lederer
Granite Bay, CA
writing: joy
story: “This is for my best friend who is the brightest light. She radiates pure joy!”


Alyson Lundeen
Brighton, CO
writing: trust in you.
story: “Being in your early 20's is hard. When will you get married? Kids in your mind? How's the job search going? Have you really gone out three times this week? What do you mean you want to travel the world? So many questions and feeling like you never have the right answer. I have a friend who is going through a time in her life where she is doubting not only herself, but where God has her. I got her a necklace that says "trust in You" to have a daily reminder to trust the dreams that God has laid on her heart, and to have faith that she's walking through this part of her life for a reason. "


Sarah Vanderhoff
Athens, OH
writing: peace
story: “I've come to find that what is hardest for me to have is peace -- only when I am fully trusting in Jesus do I feel at peace with the future, the past, what I'm currently battling.  The word "peace" is a constant reminder for me to lean on Him!”


Jasmine Bullington
Marshville, NC
writing: do good
story: “Doing Good has always been something I've leaned towards. Gods graciousness in my life is far more than I deserve, so if by me doing good in any way projects his love and goodness to others so they can see all that he does, and can do for them, then he can be praised All the more!”


Bethany Alexander
Macon, GA
writing: free indeed
story: “I wanted to get this phrase on a necklace to remember the summer that has just come to a close. I spent the summer at Young Life's Discipleship Focus and had a life changing experience of growth and seeing the gospel both more deeply and more simply. 
The verse that encompasses a great deal of what I learned about fully becoming the person God has made me to be is, John 8:36.
It says, "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”


Isabela Herrera
Reisterstown, MD
writing: tetelestai
story: “Jesus' last words on the cross "Tetelestai-It is finished." 
The moment He uttered those words, we were freed. 
Our chains were broken, our new lives began.”


Frances Grapentine
Florence Township, NJ
writing: I chose u / 10
story: “It is my 10th Wedding Anniversary.  I am married to a man that I love more and more every year.”


Janie Fuller
Fort Worth, TX
writing: agape
story: “For my best friend on her special birthday!”


Delaney Turner
Mason, OH
writing: let God.
story: “I struggle to trust God. I am a complete control freak and this will serve as a reminder to Let go, and let God.”


Erin Harman
Alpharetta, GA
writing: meraki
story: “I chose meraki as a word for my little sister. the definition of meraki is to do something with soul, creativity or love; the essence of yourself that is within your work. she is only 15, but she pours her entire self into what she does. she inspires me to live every day with that kind of passion, so i am giving her this necklace to remind her to never lose the passion that she has for what she does.”


James Plante
Pittsburgh, PA
writing: X IV MMXIII
story: “I got married last year and for our 1 year anniversary I was hoping to get one of your awesome necklaces. This date (10/4/13) was the first day Aubrey and I met - I saw her in the school cafeteria in the grilled cheese line, went up and asked her to study, and the rest is history. 
Thanks you guys are the best! If this way of doing the date doesn't look right/is wrong let me know!”


Avery Steeland
Mount Pleasant, SC
writing: devoted
story: “When I first met my best friend Harper, I was extremely skeptical about our friendship. I was skeptical because my past friendships were poor, no one stuck by my side through the hard times and everyone would leave me. I was at my all time low freshman year, but then I met Harper. I choose the word devoted because through these past years Harper has been devoted to our friendship. Other synonyms for the word devoted are committed, true, loyal, faithful, and dedicated all of which describe my best friend Harper. Not only is she devoted to our friendship, but she is devoted to so many other things such as school, her future, her friendships, and her family. As much as me and my friend Harper argue, and disagree with topics, we have become stronger people because of each other. Therefore, because of Harper's devotedness we have never left each other. We both have grown because of each other, and have become stronger. We would not be where we are today without our friendship. Harper has taught me to be carefree, to not worry about the small things, and to step out of your comfort zone. When ever I feel like I am at my all time low, Harper is always there to pick me up. She has remained loyal, true, and faithful throughout our friendship and that's why I am able to call her my sister. I love you Harper, keep doing you <3"


Charlotte Wheeler
Germantown, TN
writing: elpis
story: “This word translates to mean "hope" in Greek. I am ordering this for a friend who is struggling to get pregnant as a reminder to have hope in the Lord and His timing.”


Lillie Neal
Danville, VA
writing: be you
story: “The person I'm gifting this to is insanely amazing and sometimes I feel as though she forgets that and doesn't know her true capabilities. be you means a lot of things. be awesome. be strong. be funny. be intelligent. be kind. be all the qualities that you embody so well each and every day.”


Harper Catalano
Mount Pleasant, SC
writing: enough
story: “I'm getting this necklace for my best friends birthday. Over the past she has had issues with anxiety and self-esteem and I just wanted to get her something to remind her that I always think that she is enough. We are going to college soon and I don't know if our paths will be separated, but I always want her to have a piece of me with her that will always remind her how special she is to me and how much of an impact she has made on my life.”


Sarah Milbrodt
Glendale, CA
writing: allie / puny little
story: “My best friend loves monogramed things, so for her birthday, I wanted to get her something that she would love to wear all the time and the words on the back are part of a long standing joke that I know will always make her laugh.”


Wimberly Brown
Mount Pleasant, SC
writing: 32.3170° N, 80.4966° W
story: “The coordinates of Fripp Island, SC, where I grew up going on vacation with my extended family. This is for my cousin going to college in California in September.”


Sonja Rueckner
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
writing: Isaiah 61:3
story: “I am purchasing this for my friend Sonja<3


Madeline Cooper
Washington, DC
writing: Phil 4:4-7
story: “Bible verse that helps me deal with my anxiety and serves as a reminder on how I want to live my life - ‘let your kindness be known to all’!"


Natalie Spaeth
San Clemente, CA
writing: anchored / Hebrews 6:19
story: “This one is for my sister...Jillian! After years of prayer for a man to walk in her life who loves the Lord, it was answered a year ago. I started beaming ill shortly after and my sistersaid she would find herself sitting at night after work in the big church at mariners, praying to God, laying it all at the cross. Although her relationship with this man is no longer, Ibelieve that God allowed it for His glory (as our trials all have purpose). She's continued to encourage me in my journey in health, reminding me to stay patience, focused, and look up to God when times are hard. All in all, the Lord has captivated her heart in such a BEAUTIFUL way and it has only made our relationship as sisters continually anchored. My prayer is that she continues to walk knowing "we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure". Hebrews 6:19


Lauren Tiffany
Virginia Beach, VA
writing: be still
story: “Exodus 14:14 tells us that the Lord will fight for us and all we need to do it to BE STILL!”


Jill Seabrook
Memphis, TN
writing: salt
story: “I wanted my word to be a conversation starter and a means of holding myself accountable to being salt and light in this world for Christ. Salt makes things taste better and I want this necklace to be an exposed and visible statement that reminds myself and tells others about what I have been called to be!”


Kristin Bass
Greenville, NC
writing: survivor
story: “My best friend's birthday marks 2.5 years in remission, which is halfway to cancer free. This necklace is something she can wear to keep her motivated and keep her thinking positively.”


Jill Oswald
Saint Joseph, MO
writing: bold
story: “Growing up a pastor's kid my every move was watched and scrutinized. I was told how to act, what to wear and I was put in a box. but i've finally found what it means to live free with Jesus. to live out loud and live audaciously. it's freeing to finally accept the real you. accept that i am way braver and louder and bolder than i have ever chosen to believe.”


Vicky Gomez
Hinsdale, IL
writing: ubuntu
story: “I’ve always believed that people are inherently good. that each person is born with a pure heart. that we are born out of love.
in a world so full of fear and terror, we must remember to be kind to others, to love others and show compassion to every soul we encounter.
though it is far easier to hate, we must remember to love.
because it is in our decision to give compassion that we decide who we want to be.
we can be hateful, lead a life of pessimism and anger. a life of emptiness. or, we can spread kindness. we can love everything earnestly. we can choose to see the silver linings. we can choose to always look for the sun peeking through the storm clouds. we can choose to focus on the good and eradicate the evils of this world.
This word, ubuntu, reminds me to spread compassion and kindness to others everyday. it's a word and belief i keep close to my heart.”


Brooke Jackson
Charleston, SC
writing: saad
story: “I was given one of these by a close friend and was incredibly encouraged by it. As I asked her what this year was going to look like, she mentioned the word "refining." In praying for her, the Lord continued to bring up the word "sustaining." In this year of refinement, the Lord has promised and made a way to sustain her. The Hebrew translation for this word is "saad." Which also translates to support or stay (with). Hopefully giving her this necklace will remind her that the Lord sustains her and is her complete strength and support.”


Meredith Fenton
Virginia Beach, VA
writing: worthy
story: “This is a graduation present for my best friend. For the past year, she has been in a battle to find lasting and fulfilling friendships at her school. After being treated this way for so many months, I want her to know going to college that she is a daughter of the King and is so, so worthy of love, respect, and value.”


Michelle Smith
Keysville, VA
writing: 32 years
story: “My brother passed away two weeks ago in a tragic car accident. He was 32 years old. While we are completely shattered, we are refusing to be bound in bitterness. The Almighty gave us 32 years with him, and we are grateful. 

We have a long road ahead. My family of 5 must go on with only 4 and the thought alone feels almost unbearable. This necklace will serve as a constant reminder to live fully in grace and gratitude, even in the midst of unthinkable tragedy. 
"The Lord gives and takes away, blessed be the and of the Lord." Job 1:21"


Karla Mills
Willow Spring, NC
writing: eucharisteo
story: “This word is slowly becoming the haven on my heart. 
The root word of eucharisteo is charis, meaning “grace.” Jesus took the bread and saw it as grace and gave thanks. Eucharisteo, thanksgiving, envelopes the Greek word for grace, charis. But it also holds its derivative, the Greek word chara, meaning “joy". Chairs. Grace. Eucharisteo. Thanksgiving. Chara. Joy.

Deep chara joy is found only at the table of the euCHARisteo; the table of thanksgiving. The holy grail of joy, God set it in the very center of Christianity. The Eucharist is the central symbol of Christianity.  

As a whole a lot of my life hasn't been spent in deep chara joy much less constant persistent thanksgiving.... no matter my circumstances. But I believe in my heart, that even through the most profound of pains, heartaches, griefs or just life's lessons, if our joy and thanksgiving isn't rooted in the grace lined sovereignty of Jesus, our souls will cave in to the frailties of this world. The roots of thanksgiving is what drives us into an abandonment of trust that God is truly good--- in ALL things... 

So I say 'eucharisteo' and may God lead all steps into His presence more and more…."


Meridith Kellam
Kissimmee, FL
writing: forgiven
story: “This is a gift for a friend who became a Christian in March! Since coming to faith and working through a hard past she is learning to live forgiven!”


Afton Scott
Sparta, MI
writing: Isa. 41:10
story: “This necklace set is for one of my best friends. Isaiah 41:10 is her favorite verse. The long necklace will say "in oceans deep", from Oceans by Hillsong. I think it is such a wonderful reminder that God is always with us and it ties in with the idea of not fearing becuse God is always in control. My friend recently got married. Her and her husband are making a big move to Massachusetts. She is such a beautiful woman of God and I want her to have something to remind her not to fear in this time of change.”


Hannah Eberts
Sammamish, WA
writing: beloved
story: “This necklace is for my best friend! There are two parts of being beloved. The realization that we are called beloved by our Creator. There is an infinite tenderness He has towards us. That nothing will separate us from His love. The second part is calling out this belovedness in other people. This is a special gift- being able to recognize the preciousness of others & their place in God's heart. I believe my friend sees others uniqueness as a special treasures as well as being quick to listen and encourage sacrificially. So proud of this beautiful, strong woman of God!”
writing: khushi
story: “Khushi means happy in Hindi. I had the opportunity to travel to India and work with victims of labor and sex trafficking. While in a rehabilitation center in Delhi, my team & I met 51 rescued boys ages 7-15. These boys were lied to, manipulated, and forced to work in factories producing a variety of products. They experienced emotional & physical abuse, trauma, 22 hour work days, no breaks, no sunlight for years. They experienced no education, no playing with toys, no love, no time to be kids. As we spent time teaching them English, a word we taught them was happy. Because despite their past, despite what they had endured, they were happy. Happy to be alive, happy to have friends, happy to learn. I will never forget the sound of 51 little voices yelling happy and the sight of their big smiling faces. This necklace will serve as a reminder of the fight we have to fight so every child has the opportunity to be educated, to play, to have loving relationships in their lives, and, of course, to be happy.”


Ruanne Banse
Fort Worth, TX
writing: empanes
story: “Means God's manifest presence in hebrew....it's strong concordance"


Samara Bahu
San Clemente, CA
writing: 06-21-17
story: “The day my sister and her husband got married!”


JR Caldwell
Mount Pleasant, SC
writing: redeemed
story: “Redeemed tells of how God has chosen us, how Jesus paid the price for our sins, and how the Holy Spirit continues to work through us to fulfill God's work on earth.  Redeemed summarizes my wife's salvation, giving her life in Christ!”


Matt Hayden
Charleston, SC
writing: breathe
story: “This necklace is a gift to my older sister who is an amazing mother to my two beautiful nieces (4 and 6 mo. old). Over the past few years, she has fought a few battles including postpartum depression, a miscarriage, and some spells of anxiety. Often times, taking a moment to breathe and realize how many blessing she has been given (along with support from the family) will help her through these moments. She will love this necklace and everything that your company stands for (especially the Prayer Team!).”


Lori Hartjen
Pleasanton, CA
writing: thy will
story: “It's my mama's birthday, and she has been wanting another OSP necklace with "thy will" on it for a long time!”


Morgan Pace
Mount Pleasant, SC
writing: enough / 13
story: “HI! I am buying this for my friend Sarah Katherine. I just graduated high school with my friend Sk and she is without a doubt my best friend. I laugh, cry, and smile the hardest when I am with her. She has the biggest heart out of anyone I have ever met and she would do just about anything for the people she loves. I swear sometimes I feel bad telling her I need something or want something because I know she will drop everything she's doing and jump to help me. Making someone else happy always seems to bring her the most joy. She is the kind of person who always puts others first and she has brought so much humor into my life. She has a special way of connecting with people through her humor. She makes everyone feel like their awkward joke was actually funny and she was a special way of making everyone feel like their on her team too. I can tell that when she meets new people for the first time they immediately pick up on her spontaneous personality through her quirky and compassionate antics. My favorite thing about my sweet friend though, is that she is so humble. She does not view herself as so and sees herself equal to everyone around her. She is wise above her years and will never silence away from something she believes in, often times encouraging me to not shy away from voicing my opinion either. I hope Sk will wear this necklace proudly in college and know that she is enough. Her contagious, fun, lively, and spunky personality is enough and will get her far in this life and of course at Clemson. I hope that this necklace can always remind her that she was created in the image of the perfect heavenly Father and because of that she is and will always be enough. I hope that she will never forget that every dumb anxiety causing mistake will work itself out because He knows when we mess up even before we do. I hope she is not afraid to mess up sometimes in college. I hope she dreams big. I hope she loves everyone around her fearlessly like she has loved me and so many others throughout high school. I hope that this necklace reminds her that she is more than her insecurities and anxious thoughts because she is enough, and she most definitely has always supported me and made me feel like I am enough these last 4 years too. So on those tough days, i hope the "enough" side of this necklace will remind her to be herself and love herself. And on the really bad days that seem like they can't get worse, but they somehow manage to, I hope she wears the 13 side for some extra luck from her favorite artist, Taylor Swift. I am so lucky God gave me an SK and this is a small thank you to her for everything she has and I know will continue to do for me.”


Kristin Bleecker
Charleston, WV
writing: take heart
story: “Psalm 31 has always been one of my favorite verses, specifically verse 24, "Be strong and take heart, all you who place your hope in the Lord." Our pastor recently gave a sermon on various places where believers are told to take heart or have courage because of the promises the lord makes. I want this around my neck as a daily reminder of God's promises, provision, and grace. Things we can place our hope in believing confidently because we know he will be faithful to fulfill these promises in all things. Promises that should lead us to take heart and have courage because we believe in a God who is bigger than everything else going on in our lives.”


Lee Rankin
writing: - 45.030507.52241 / CPS
story: “I'm buying this necklace as a gift for my daughter Simone. She was on a student exchange in Italy for 6 months in 2010.  She became very close with 2 other exchange students Cinthya from Honduras & Paolo from Venezuala that were staying in the same town. They spent every spare minute together. Unfortunately Paolo died in a car accident a few years ago. The news hit Simone very hard & she is still missing him greatly. They used to chat regularly on skype & she said he was like a brother to her. On one side of this necklace are the co-ordinates or the local gelatteria where they would buy gelato most days together & their initials are on the other side. I thought it would keep them both close to her heart.”


Celeste Smith
Columbia, SC
writing: breath
story: “We are give the breath of life, we breathe prayers and depend upon the Spirit to interpret prayers, all scripture is breathed, we use breath to sing praise, and the breath of the Lord blows. . . .”


Arianna Bennett
Laguna Hills, CA
writing: love, joy, alive, wonder, free, wild
story: Bridesmaids Gifts!


Brooke Esdale
Northwood, NH
writing: 43.12 N 70.52 W
story: “My best friend is getting married in October. These are the coordinates to the home her and her husband will start their lives together as a married couple.”


Grace Combs
Mason, OH
writing: redeemed
story: “When I started my relationship with Jesus, I went from death to life. From dark to light. From lost to found. The word redeemed is the first word that I think about when I reflect on my life and how Jesus redeemed a broken heart like mine.”


Blair Bonifield
Mount Pleasant, SC
writing: hwang / sangkhum
story: “This is a necklace for my friend Meghan O'Neil who will be serving In Thailand and Cambodia for a year as a missionary.”


David Gilmour
Bangor, United Kingdom
writing: adelaide
story: “This is my new born daughter's name.”


M Fanning
Charleston, SC
writing: fuerte
story: “My daughter has been studying abroad in Spain for 5 weeks. She will be returning from Spain soon and this word is Spanish for strong.”


Erin Hartley
Carmel, IN
writing: emry
story: “I have a bracelet for my son Wyatt and recently had a daughter Emry so I need one for her too :)”


Karen Cone
Mansfield, TX
writing: chosen
story: “I have 2 friends...like sisters...We walk thru the details of life together. As I prayed about what word to use, I thought of 'radiant'...because they are both full of beauty and love and life and Jesus. But, "Chosen" was the word that stuck...I want them to KNOW that they specifically have been chosen, hand picked, desired by The God of the entire universe.”


Katherine Geiger
Lebanon, OH
writing: abide
story: “John 15:4 changed the way I live my life”


Benjamin Grubbs
Fort Worth, TX
writing: god is good
story: “This keychain is a graduation gift for one of my good friends. Through the best of times and the worst of times, my friend and I would tell each other "God is good", the response from the other was then all the time. The first person would then say, "and all the time", to which the response was again, "God is good." This was a reminder to the two of us in our accomplishments, in our sufferings, or in whatever a circumstance presented at the time that God was always there, always in control, and always good.”


Christine Minegar
Temecula, CA
writing: nana bird
story: “My daughter has always referred to me as Mama Bird...now she has a daughter so I am her Nana Bird.  Our story...short + sweet!”


Kali Gates
Laguna Niguel, CA
writing: create
story: “My first year at community college I was an undeclared major, an artist at heart but scared to become any kind of art major because of the negative connotations that come with being an art major; not able to support yourself or make a living. after many prayers and conversations I decided to declare myself an art major, despite being scared and unsure. I have never felt more joyful, I create. And I strive to give glory to God through what I create.”


Allyson Lynn
San Luis Obispo, CA
writing: 18.4207 N, 64.6400 W
story: “It's the coordinates from studying abroad in the Caribbean”


Mackenzie Lander
Charleston, SC
writing: 34.2085 N 77.7964 W
story: “These are the coordinates for the beach my cousin and I grew up going to. We grew up cities away but this place seemed to bind us together. I will forever be grateful of this place and her.”


Suzanne Pace
Mount Pleasant, SC
writing: all things
story: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13”


Sarah Snavely
Bulverde, TX
writing: design
story: “Deshen means ashes as well as abundance. Last year I was in the ashes because I had to continually, day in and day out, release someone to God. During this time period I read a whole lot about God's grace, but never felt like it could apply to my situation. This past March I spent a week in prayer and God changed this person's heart and allowed him back into my life. The way that God did this, his GRACE, has blown my mind. It has been the biggest gift from God, but I still battle a fear that my life will turn back to those ashes- that God will take away this gift. Deshen will be a reminder of how Jesus was with my through ashes that seemed unbearable- he gave me a joy that was otherwordly. Deshen will also remind me that God does give back and bless obedience- He is truth, but He is also loving, kind, and compassionate. His grace arrives just in time. "Do not ever be afraid of ashes. They can try to burn down your hope, torch your courage, scorch your endurance, and roast your resolve — but ashes are never the last line of any of God’s stories. Abundance is." -- Ann Voskamp”


Courtney Evans
Arlington, TX
writing: love & grace
story: “A sweet girl I mentor loves well and offers grace like no one else! I recently had been praying that the Lord would give me what to put on her necklace for her 21st birthday. After a conversation this week and me reminding her to "love well and show grace like she always does" it dawned on me I had 2 words I could use. So this is a reminder for her to Love well and always show grace in all situations just like she always has!”


Natalie Grace
Speculator, NY
writing: pick a word for me
story: “I would love for you to pick a word for me. I don't know if you've ever done this before, but I've honestly never picked a word for myself. I've had a necklace before from y'all but a friend or mentor has always picked the word for me and given it to me as a gift. I'll tell you a little bit about my story: In middle school, I was sexually abused multiple times. Growing up, my father was addicted to his sin and he too was abusive. Home was not a safe place for me to share feelings and to be vulnerable. 
I recently moved away to college. I live in Ohio now. College has been such a stable time for me, and as all the crap of my home life is gone, that suitcase full of abuse memories and thoughts started to burst open. This past year has been a year of telling people those memories for the first time. Pursuing counseling. Speaking those memories has been such a trial because it's been full of pain. It's the nightmares. Panic attacks. Flashbacks. Yet, this pain is different than any pain I've ever experienced before, because I feel the Lord making something beautiful out of it. It's a different sort of pain. In high school, I dealt with my shame and my pain by "kicking myself to the curb" so that when other people did something to hurt me, it was something I was already used to. I engaged in multiple self-destructive behaviors and survived a suicide attempt--this pain is so much deeper than the pain that drew me to try and take my life. I've never felt more broken, but I've also never felt more alive. Again, I can feel the Lord making something beautiful out of this. 
I know too that the Lord will use this all for His good. I'm spending the summer as a camp counselor, and getting to tell my campers that there is so much hope--getting to speak the same truth and life into their hearts that I have found to be so true and healing, myself. I'm also in school studying to be a Christian counselor. As I'm in the beginning stages of the healing process from abuse, a soft spot has grown in my heart for others who go through this (and choose to suffer in silence for many years like I did). I feel a calling to work with trauma victims, specifically abuse victims. I look forward to the day when I can look straight in the eyes of an abuse victim and not only say, "me too," but tell them that I'm living proof that there's hope and healing in the arms of Jesus, and that they are not victims, but victors.”


Anne Valentine
Stamford, CT
writing: worthy, pieces, found, wonder, hope, enough, beloved, lavished. honor, anchor. 
story: “These are special gifts for our youth group seniors. Each word was chosen for a specific girl with her heart and journey in mind.” 
writing: honor, anchor
story: “These are gifts for two youth group senior guys. One is entering the US Air Force after high school and our desire is that he stands tall to honor the Lord in all he does. That he would also recognize the honor he has been given to carry authority and be a child of God. For the other, we pray that he would remember his identity anchored in Christ no matter what storms or fog may obscure his vision and cause doubt. Would be feel secure in the uncertainties of life.” 


Suzi Davenport
Charleston, SC
writing: victory
story: “I'm a person who tends to focus on the imperfect - not outwardly, but inwardly. I never seem to be able to get past just how imperfect I am - it messes with me constantly. But recently, the Lord has been teaching me a lot about victory and deliverance. I can take comfort in the fact that God already has the victory. We may still be fighting the battles, but God has won the war. And we are God’s people. We inherit God’s promise. And His promise is victory, redemption, a new life and a new heart. So, when I'm beating myself up over my current sins, or angry for not feeling like a completely new person in Him, I want to remind myself – the victory is won. I can count His past victories in my life. I can remember that God will deliver me from my current battles. And keep fighting.”


Natalie Davis
Goshen, VA
writing: amats
story: “Amats means total courage in Hebrew. I discovered this word in an old KJV Bible and thought it was a perfect word for my life. I had leukemia when I was 11 and it was a word when I met Jesus that I wanted to embody that journey and season in my life. I want to embark on any other storm I face with an amats attitude”


Alexandra Poirier
Ventura, CA
writing: virtuous
story: “I'm getting this necklace for one of my mentors who's life verse is proverbs 31. I'm getting married in July and I wanted to get her something unique and meaningful. Since she's made such an impact in my life and pointed me to Jesus.”


Mallory Haley
Greer, SC
writing: find the joy.
story: “For one of my best friend's named Vanessa who is a constant reminder that there is joy is every circumstance.” 
writing: in his hands
story: “For Ashley who shows me just how much God has our life in his hands and he won't lead us into things we aren't capable of handling.” 
writing: stay thankful
story: “To Julia who in the mist of chaos can always find the good and be grateful for the journey.” 
writing: fully in
story: “A daily reminder to be "fully in" is to be fully in love with God! Fully invested in the lives of those around you! Fully happy in the path that is set before us! Fully on fire for what is next to come in our life! It's a reminder to never take anything for granted and live everyday as if it were our last!”


Wendy Chambers
Westport, CT
writing: loved
story: “I met Anna at a breast cancer center fundraiser in Charlotte. She is going through treatment.   Please pray for her girls and let this necklace remind her of the love that surrounds her.   Thank you!”


Audrey Spiller
Austin, TX
writing: wild grace.
story: “This year I learned a whole lot about grace. I learned that the Lord doesn't expect me to be perfect and He knows that I'm going not going to be perfect. Even when I mess up, the Lord doesn't love me any less, His love is constant.”
writing: 30. 3322 N 98.79 W
story: “I met my best friend at the lake at our camp. For her birthday, I am getting her the coordinates of the lake on a necklace.”


Kristen Clark
Clemens, NC
writing: 34.51 N 78.54 W
story: “this is the coordinates to the house where my mom + aunt grew up. mothers day gift for my mom + birthday gift for my aunt.”
writing: 36.4 N 80.14 W
story: “these are the coordinates to the YWCA in winston salem where we have started an extension campus of Elevation Church. this is a pharmacy school graduation present for a friend who has been part of this from the beginning and who's heart is now forever connected to this city.”


Kristin Good
Fort Collins, CO
writing: enough, bright, jewel, joy, loved, worthy, loved, redeemed, wonder, power
story: “For Sheridan. May she know she’s enough. For Alyssa. She is going to change the world. For Paris. May she know that she is valuable and precious. For Hannah. She has a default of joy even in the worst times. For Cassidy. She is a loved gal who loves people well. For Erinn. She is worth the best. For Haley. She is loved for who she is. For Tasha. Her story will bring people to the Father. Chloe, A stirring and hunger that has led her to fall madly in love with the Lord. Never lose that wonder. Katie, she holds power and beauty so well.”


Allison Doherty
Dallas, TX
writing: Eph. 2:8-10
story: “This was a key verse for my senior son and his small group this year.  We are giving these to each of the boys as they graduate so that next year at college they will remember the precious grace extended to them through the love of their savior.”


Maria Manks
Fort Worth, TX
writing: steadfast, bold, joyful, unwavering, faithful
story: “We have a small group of girls that are about to graduate. As a graduation gift we wanted to give each of the girls a necklace with a Godly characteristic that we see in them to encourage them as they go off to college. We have loved walking alongside these young women and can't wait to see what God has in store for them!”


Catherine Burnette
Charleston, SC
writing: saved by grace
story: “My walk with Jesus began my sophomore year of high school. Like many other believers, my journey has not always been easy. It has challenged me so many ways but has forever changed me for the better. I truly am saved by His grace.”


Isabelle Tan
Suffolk, VA
writing: strong
story: “for a few months now i have wanted to give my mom one of these necklaces and i offered up the word, "strong" to her. at first, she racked her brain for a better word but in the end she felt that, "strong" was the perfect word. this woman has constantly been a stronghold for her family and in her faith in the Lord. she strives to be strong in the work place while also being strong in the Word. she is a strong wife and mother and shows strength in her love for her family and friends. this woman has influenced my life in so many ways and one day i hope i can be as strong as she is.”
writing: confident
story: “my whole life i have struggled with the idea of being confident. whether it be confidence in myself or confidence that God had a plan for me, i struggled with it. now over this past year i have learned to be confident in Jesus and that confidence with shine through to my own. i have learned to love myself and even more importantly love the God i serve and adore. even when it hurts, i will continue to have confidence in my father above and i will strive for more of it everyday.”


Britta Moen
Wadena, MN
writing: tbdn
story: “When I was 18, I chose to attend my dream college. I was big, busy and always moving, unlike my sleepy hometown of 4,000 people. I was ready for adventures and fun in a big city with lots of friends and opportunities. My freshman year, this didn't happen. Coming from the middle of nowhere, it was harder to make friends than I thought it would be. I was lonely and homesick, my roommate being one of the only people I could claim as a confidant all year. Then, my sophomore year I went through sorority recruitment and I was lucky enough to join the most inspiring, kind, creative, intelligent group of women on my campus. The next three years were the best of my life so far, and it was because of these women. TBDN is an abbreviation meaning "to be discouraged never," a line from the beautiful Chi Omega symphony, which means so much to us as an ever-aspiring group of women. As a recent college graduate, I'm not sure where life is going to take me yet, but I'll take this necklace with me as a reminder to always remember what this organization has done for me, and to always keep pushing forward.”


Marlee Motley
Fort Worth, TX
writing: 36.0822 N 94.1719 W
story: “This bracelet is for the amazing woman who disciples me, Marlee. She had a wild encounter with the lord in which he told her she was supposed to be a part of a church plant in fayetville Arkansas. So me and the other girls discipled by marlee decided to get her a bracelet with the coordinates of fayetville to thank her for all she does for us!”


Stacy Gore
Jackson, TN
writing: miracle
story: “I had my son at 25 weeks. They told me he would only have a 40% chance to live. He went through hell and back with 63 days in the NICU. I was there everyone of those 63 days. He had many up and downs. And came threw it all like a champ. There were so many problems the doctors and specialists told me he would have with learning talking walking everyday activities. Well here we are 2 years later and he is a happy healthy rambunctious toddler with none of the disabilities they said he could have. For him to come so early and such a small chance to live he has beat all odds and is my miracle baby.”


Lisa Newby
Chula Vista, CA
writing: blessed
story: “I was able to sell my house, quit my job and travel the world for the next year. I just got back from an amazing adventure in Uganda with Love Does and now am going to start raising funds for the girls I met in the safe house who had been victims of sex trafficing to allow them to go to college..”


Karen Henry
Lake Forest, CA
writing: IV
story: “This is a present for our mom on Mother's Day. She is a mother of four. My siblings and I all have Roman numeral IV tattooed on ourselves and would like our mom to have the same stamp of love. She raised us to have wings and didn't skip a beat in letting us all fly. Now that we have all gone our separate directions this will be a reminder of how much we cherish her.”
writing: grace
story: “Learning to give myself the same patience and grace that our Father shows each day.”


Anna Baltensperger
Millington, TN
writing: grace
story: “My first name Anna (meaning gracious) and my middle name is Grace - so my name is literally Gracious Grace. This year I have become overwhelmed with the one thing that differentiates our faith from every other - GODS GRACE. The Lord made my earthly name a reminder that not only do I fail to fully understand why He extends His loving grace to me, but I need to better exemplify His Love by extending His grace to others.”


Nancy Duncan
Virginia Beach, VA
writing: N 36.88 W 76.085
story: “My daughter is headed off to college in the fall.  I want her to always find her way back home.”
writing: fearless
story: “Whether it’s challenging school courses or new tumbling passes for cheer, my daughter approaches life without fear.”
writing: be present
story: “I'm at a stage in life where my two oldest will be off at college and my youngest will be entering high school.  I find myself mourning for the days when they were little and grieving over time I don't have with them.  I want this to be my daily reminder to be present in the moment, enjoying each moment with my kids and finding new enjoyments in life.”


Kelly Simons
Fort Worth, TX
writing: not broken
story: “I decided to get bruised, not broken because I think there are so many people in this world that think that they cannot pick themselves up from the hurt place they are in. These two necklaces to me are a symbol that I chose to get up and dust myself off. Life can throw you curve balls and people can be mean. Sometimes you make mistakes. And sometimes you don't learn from them the first time. But the important thing to realize is that you are not what you have done and you are deserving of love. You are simply bruised and that, in God's eyes, is beautiful.”


Kaylee Starnes
Dallas, TX
writing: talitha koum
story: “This is translated to mean "little girl, get up" from Mark 5:41. Every single day life is full of stress and difficulty, it's full of hardship and challenges, and as I leave college and enter the real world every day I want to be reminded that the Lord is calling me, his daughter, to get up. To keep going. To pursue Him.”


Lauren Sutton
Fort Worth, TX
writing: 1 corinthians 13: 4-7
story: “For mothers day I wanted to do something special for my mom and grandma. We recently sold our familyhome in Whistler, Canada which was a huge part of my upbringing as we have had so many sweet memories there. It was really sentimental when we said goodbye to the home, so I thought it would be awesome if our spare change made one of my mom and grandmas favorite verses on a Canadian quarter. I'm hoping this will serve as a reminder all the good times we had up there!”


Barbara Morris
Greenwich, CT
writing: 41.0420N 73.6269W
story: “These are graduation gifts with the coordinates of our high school on them.”


Rylee Bailey
Chesapeake, VA
writing: overcomer
story: “This is a gift I am giving to my mom. About 4 years ago her mom died and it was the hardest thing she has ever faced as she was my mom's absolute best friend. On the way home from the hospital on my grandma's final day, my mom was listening to K-love and the song "Overcomer" was playing. My mom was so encouraged by this song and in that moment God reminded her that she is indeed an overcomer because God first overcame the world for her. So because of this I want to bless my mom with a daily reminder that no matter what life throws her way she is an overcomer through the strength of Christ that is within her. Enjoy mom, I love you!”


Elizabeth Johnson
Bluefield, VA
writing: doulos
story: “This word is very meaningful in my life because it means servant of Christ, I am buying this for my best friend because we have walked in our journey with God together through the good times and the bad and have grown together through it. Hopefully we can continue to grow our friendship and our relationships with God as she attends college.”


Mallory Danna
Monroe, LA
writing: ezer kenegdo
story: “This phrase is something that I studied while I was working at a Christian summer camp. I was reading a Christian magazine called "Becoming" which really spoke identity into who I was as a woman of God. This phrase is what God uses to describe woman when He created her - the same phrase He uses for Himself as the Great Helper. This is something that I truly want to embody as a woman of God. I want to be reminded constantly of what He has called me to be and how He sees me. It will also be a reminder of the purposes He has set inside of me to be a servant helper and to love others.”


Lisa Chambers
Duluth, GA
writing: 33 N 84 W
story: “Coordinates for home for a special young lady going to college!”


Claire Kelly
Charleston, SC
writing: truth
story: “I always get wrapped up in trivial problems, what others think, and how perceptions affect my happiness. I always tell others to pray to Jesus for the truth in what He feels about the situation and how He truly loves us. When I ask myself "What would Jesus do?", the answer is that He would love first and be true to the Lord. I pray that this necklace will be reminder to me to remember that truth that I am loved and I am saved and that this earth with my problems is just my temporary home.”


Libby Czerlinksy
Virginia Beach, VA
writing: covered
story: “My 20 year old is going to Israel for 2 weeks and this is her reminder to FEAR NOT!”


Alyssa Boyle
Charleston, SC
writing: 5.27.17
story: “My sister gets wed on this day!!!!”


Lisa Chambers
Duluth, GA
writing: 34 N 84 W
story: “This is for my sweet and adorable neighbor who is graduating and going to college.  These are the coordinates for her house.”


Electra Burford
Fort Worth, TX
writing: loyal, resources, consistent, tenacious, insightful, trustworthy, authentic, honest, courageous, encourager, overcomer, brave, fearless
story: “Thank you so much for creating this for us! They will be given to a group of senior boys mostly of whom have known each other since Kindergarten. They have met weekly in our home for small group Bible Study and my husband and I have watched them grow into incredible young men of character. Each word is true to the individual receiving it. Thank you for being a part of it for us, we cannot wait to give them out.”



Came VanDixhorn
Libertyville, IL
writing: latitude & longitude of libertyville
story: “They are presents for my daughters friendshigh school graduation. One of my friends was wearing one of your necklaces with the longitude and latitude on it.  I loved the look.  My daughter will be attending TCU in the fall.”


Christine Johnson
Charleston, SC
writing: grace alone
story: “I have been reminded during this season of life of just the importance of remembering that I am in Christ by grace ALONE; that I have done nothing within myself to be counted as righteous before a holy god but all because of a perfect savior's love. It brings me to humility and makes me fall on my face daily in thankfulness for that grace.”


Emily Jenkins
Harrisonburg, VA
writing: radiant
story: “I'm currently a freshman at James Madison University. Although I'm the one ordering this necklace, it isn't for me. It's for my lovely roommate Keely Doyle. As freshman year is coming to an end, I wanted to get her something special. I picked the word "radiant" because she is always the light of the room. She reflects Christ so well and can make anyone feel loved. She became a best friend of mine instantly and has loved me so well.”


Garner Gay
Athens, GA
writing: worthy
story: “I'm buying this as a gift for a friend who is going overseas this summer to share the Word of Jesus. She has had an incredible year of stepping into her worth and value in Jesus, and her entire life is a beautiful testimony of His love and grace.”


Andrea Monzon
Norfolk, VA
writing: strength
story: “I am long time friends of Jeremie and Greta Boyd, they have been in my life through my divorce, deployment and have always treated my daughter and I like family.”
writing: courage
story: “I am finishing nursing school in Dec. and will be applying to the local children's hospital to work in pediatric oncology. These kids are my heros and this necklace will be a reminder to have courage even on the tough days.”


Emily Roberts
Fort Worth, TX
writing: free
story: “I recently traveled to Belize with my college ministry. Throughout the week I learned more about Christ's love and grace than I could have ever imagined.  I felt like the week really revived my faith and sparked this new desire to learn as much about Jesus as I possibly could. While there I was baptized, finally making my public proclamation that I am living my life completely for Christ.  After returning from the trip I came across 2 Corinthians 3:16-17 "But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom". It was such a sweet reminder that through the Lord there is freedom from any guilt, fear or shame we may be struggling with. 3.16.17 also happened to be the day that I was baptized and let go of everything that had been holding me back, finally finding my freedom and contentment in the Lord. I chose the word free and the numbers 3.16 to be a reminder of that day and the promise of freedom we have when we chose to follow Jesus.”


Shannon Whittington
Austin, TX
writing: beloved
story: “I am a Young Life leader for high school girls in the north west Austin area and have been leading my group of girls since they were in 7th grade. I have one particular high school friend who I immediately thought of when I stumbled upon your business. 
This friend of mine enjoys spending her time working with special needs children at her church and volunteering at Austin Pets Alive. She joined FCA and has put so much effort into growing the organization at her high school in hopes of bringing the power and strength of Jesus into the athletics department. She is kind and gentle and encouraging. And, she had a word that stuck out to her this last year: beloved. She was even given the chance to speak at an all city FCA meeting this year and she spoke about why this word had been stuck in her mind. 
My hope is this necklace will serve as a reminder to her on why this word became so important in her life. Brooke, you are God's beloved child with whom he is pleased. I pray that you might be able to believe that always.”


Carly Miers
Tallahassee, FL
writing: redeemed
story: “Redemption has been a huge part of my best friend and I's college years, and as we get ready to go our separate ways, her to Colorado for a year of interning at a YoungLife camp, and myself around the world for 11 months through the World Race it is our hope that this necklace will be a reminder of the redemption that we have been offered. This past year we have been studying Ruth through our Bible study and what we have learned about her story and the way the Lord redeemed her is something that we hope to carry with us wherever we go.”


Marthann White
Fort Worth, TX
writing: 2 corinthians 9:15 / 8
story: “my roommates favorite verse on the front and on the back is the number of kids in her family”


Rainey Webb
Arlington, TX
writing: ourgreatbiggod
story: “For my friend Tracy whose son Clayton died tragically in a car wreck. He was a stud baseball player and a loyal friend. Any time there was a stressful or difficult situation his response was not to worry because we are in the hands of "OurGreatBigGod". It has become a hashtag for his mom as she shares her struggles with grief in his loss.”


Sara Carter
Athens, GA
writing: 33.9519 N 83.3576 W
story: “These are the coordinates of Athens, GA where me and my friend go to school. This place is super special to our friendship and I feel like it would mean a lot to her.”


Mariah Melvin
Houston, TX
writing: it is well
story: “The past year has been a rollercoaster with being in a new city and in graduate school. When the going gets tough this phrase and song pops into my head. The peace, joy, and reminder of His faithfulness that this phrase brings is an indescribable feeling. It something I always I want to remember as I embark on my next adventure in the coming months!”


Kelsey Van Housen
Fayetteville, AR
writing: hope
story: “I am buying this necklace for my friend Natalie, who has exhibited unfading HOPE in the Lord as she's walked through a testing semester. She is graduating in May and moving away to start her first nursing job, and I wanted to give her a little something to remember to keep the hope she has in Jesus and to give hope for her patients.”


Georgia Harris
Memphis, TN
writing: bound
story: “In May, I will be graduating from college.  I moved from Southern California to Memphis to go to college and was terribly homesick and longed for community.  On the first day of classes, I stumbled upon a get together of a Christian fellowship group, RUF.  That was the night that I met Leslie, a staff member with RUF.  As I was leaving the get together that night, Leslie ran after me and asked if I wanted to grab lunch the next day.  After that, I began to become more and more involved with RUF and Leslie and I's lunches or coffee dates became very regular.  Throughout my college experience, she has continuously poured God's love out to me and showed me how it is to rest in His grace.  Through RUF and my time at Rhodes College, God not only gave me a wonderful and amazing mentor, but also someone who has turned into one of my dearest and closest friends.  At RUF, we often sing a song called "On Jordan's Stormy Banks."  The phrase "I am bound for the promise land" reappears throughout the song.   Even in the times in which I could not remember or understand that I am a beloved child of God, Leslie showed me His love and grace while reminding me that I am indeed BOUND for the promise land.”


Mary Kate Callahan
Tuscon, AR
writing: stronger
story: “I'm 21 years old and a senior at the University of Arizona. I've been in a wheelchair for most of my life but have been able to take the cards I have been dealt and turn them into something great. I currently race around the world as an elite athlete representing the USA in the sport of triathlon. However, along the way - I have had some other uncontrollable life events occur - my oldest brother suddenly died the morning of his high school graduation. Through any life event we endure, I believe we come out of it stronger in the end. It may be hard to comprehend it in the moment - but I'm a firm believer we are all stronger because of what we have encountered. 
Excerpt from blog I wrote about living life in a wheelchair http://marykatecallahan.com/the-day-i-got-my-wings-3/  
"The way I view life is as a deck of cards- each of us will be dealt different cards throughout our life. I have no doubt in my mind that everyone is dealt with some kind of “disability” in life- some just may be more visible than others but we each have them. We have the opportunity to take what we are given and create it into so much more. Our individual “disabilities” are what defines each of us. It’s not about what disability we may have as a person but it’s how we respond to it.  We can take two paths. The first being that you tell your self there is no way to overcome and surpass it. You can sit around and feel sorry for yourself and watch your life pass by. If we keep focusing on the abilities we don’t have, we quickly forget all the abilities we do have. The second option is accepting what happened, looking at life and asking yourself what can you do with the situation on the table to help not only yourself but others around you. We go through life and things happen- many being things that we cant control. Storms pass by and we don’t know how long that storm will last but we do have the power to keep our heads up and look for the sun thats trying to shine through, even if it’s only a little.Our lives are shaped by the light we let through."
Excerpt form blog about how I feel closest to my brother when I run: http://marykatecallahan.com/running-is-about-your-freedom-to-be-you/   
" Why do I enjoy my 5am runs the most?  You’re running towards the sun. There is something so special about being awake before most people. Breathing in the air of the new day. Then you see this light start to grow brighter and brighter, the sun. Every single day we have the opportunity to be stronger than we were yesterday. As an athlete; it is about being physically STRONGER. As a person; mentally STRONGER. While neither living life without my older brother or running those long, hard workouts get easier; we get stronger with every day that passes by. I get to run towards a sun that symbolizes HOPE. I take a second during every run to just look at the sun and smile; in that moment I know Jack is chasing this life right next to me.’”


McKenzie Taylor
Charleston, SC
writing: 33.71 N79.06 W
story: “This is the coordinates for Hebron Church in Bucksville, SC where my husband and I got married almost 1 year ago! This necklace will remind me of the covenant that we made to one another, which will ultimately remind me of the covenant that God made with us through Jesus. Experiencing love from God allows us to show love to one another.”
writing: reconciled
story: “I have been reconciled to God through Jesus! Now I am an ambassador of reconciliation. I want to help others be reconciled to God and also help other people be reconciled to each other. I have a heavy burden to see racial reconciliation happen here in Charleston and ultimately in this country. I have a burden to see injustices made right and people made right with God. "All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation... Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God." 2 Corinthians 5:18-20”


Sophia Bartolomucci
Pleasanton, CA
writing: 04/03/17
story: “This is the day my friend and I will be launching our jewelry/apparel business. We will be giving 25% of our profit to the construction of schools in the Congo. I wanted to get something I can wear & remember this day...I can't wait to flaunt this piece!!!”


Erin Johnson
Fort Worth, TX
writing: enough
story: “I'm getting this for my best friend for her birthday, I hope it will remind her that she is loved and cherished:)”


AnneKristine Valentine
Stamford, CT
writing: delight
story: “I've been praying for a special word to put on a necklace for a family member. While reading Isaiah 62, this word stuck out to me as it is the meaning of the Hebrew word Hephzibah, one of the new names bestowed upon the beloved. My prayer is that this word would signify a new name, a true identity - one of being no longer rejected or ruined but chosen, desired, and pleasant to all.”


Keren Threlfall
Greenville, SC
writing: freedom
story: “This is for my friend who has spent years dreaming of moving overseas with her family of six. They're leaving in 2 weeks and I'm hoping to get this to her before she leaves. Her word in her mission statement is “freedom”."


Zoe Fomberg
Gainesville, FL
writing: enough
story: “This necklace is for my friend Katie. She is that friend who has always made me feel like I am enough. No matter where I am at, she takes me as I am and loves me still. I hope this necklace is a reminder to her of how thankful I am for her friendship and that it serves to remind her that she is more than enough because she is a daughter of the King.”


Kelsey Smith
Weatherford, TX
writing: with god. 
story: “For a friend who lives her life believing He is with her and she has all she needs.”


Audrey Dwinnell
Fort Worth, TX
writing: 3-16-17
story: “Hi! I just got back from the college trip to Belize with Christ Chapel. I would love to use my coin from Belize to make the necklace! Hillary will get it from Katie and send it over. Also, if you aren't able to fit the verse on the coin, that's totally fine, the date is the most important part. Thank you so much!”


Haley Huffman
Fort Worth, TX
writing: live loved
story: “I struggle with anxiety. Recently, I was having a season of life where I was getting really anxious about work. God spoke to my heart and told me "I love you." I know this is something we hear often but I realized how differently I would live if I really, truly believed that God loves me. Knowing that every circumstance I walk into has already passed through His loving and gracious hands. Knowing that He is working His glory and my good through ALL things- even when I don't see it or understand it. He has called me to simply "live loved". This allows me to take the focus off of myself and my insecurities and focus on others and how I can show them how loved they are by the God of the Universe. Whenever I feel anxiety creep back up on me, I remember that God loves me- and that simple, yet profound truth seems to make whatever I am anxious about a little less of a terrifying and a little more loving.”


Emily Puckett
Salem, OR
writing: 2 cor. 4:16-18
story: “This necklace is for my little sister for her 18th birthday and this is her favorite verse. It is one she lives by and always encourages me with on bad days.”


Chelsea House
Saint Charles, MO
writing: > conquerors
story: “"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37
This verse is a constant reminder and promise that no matter what comes my way, I have victory through Jesus. Not only are we conquerors, but we are MORE than conquerors! I love that! Sin, shame, nothing has power over me because of Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross and rising from the dead.”


Caroline McElhannah
Athens, GA
writing: 1520
story: “I've lived in Athens, GA for my entire life-- from birth through college. In the next year, though, I'll be traveling to three different continents as well as applying to medical school that could move me somewhere outside of my hometown for the first time. 1520 is the street address of my beloved childhood house in Athens and a piece of home for me no matter where I go.”


Margaret Seebeck
Cibolo, TX
writing: radiant
story: “this is for a friend of mine and I was debating between using a word or a bible verse, but the word radiant truly and accurately describes her. She is the life of the party and only gives off positivity. She's someone that has that cloud of happiness always around her and she is one of the greatest people I've met who doesn't hid her faith in God and who will always show love towards anyone she cares about. She is radiant, both beautiful on the inside and out.”


Courtney Mullins
Fort Worth, TX
writing: courage
story: “Planning a trip to visit some dear friends and partners in China who work with women affected by the sex industry there. They have a bakery to hire women and I want to take some of the words that the purchased ladies with the Net wrote as words that have impacted them as an encouragement.”


Sarah Mooney
Erie, PA
writing: not afraid
story: “Last year, my dear friend Smooney followed her heart. She left a stable, safe job to chase after a dream that was calling her name. It was risky, scary and perhaps a little bit silly. But she made it happen and I'm so proud of her gumption. Ben Rector's song Fear has been an anthem for her in this season. "I remember who I was and I learned to dance with the fear that I'd been running from. No I won't run away. No I am not afraid.”



Wendy Chambers
Westport, CT
writing: chosen
story: “My dear friend Monica IS Chosen.  She is the youngest of 11 children and her mother always said that she is the only one she planned.  Monica is chosen as she brings light and love to all those around her. She is an incredible friend. She is a senior executive at a major company. She is a board member of Ronald mcDonald house. She is an incredible wife and mother. Her laugh shakes the raftersand rings honest and true.  She is chosen.  She is a gift.”


Jordyn White
Westminister, CO
writing: wonderwall
story: “My wonderwall is God. A few years back, I went through a really dark time and lost track of my relationship with him. Luckily, he never gave up on me and knew that I would find my way back home. I made a promise to God that day to never leave him behind again and to remember that even in my darkest days he was still there helping me through. My wonder wall will always and forever be our KING.”


Grace Hofmann
Dayton, OH
writing: grace
story: “For my sister because she is the absolute greatest, a reminder of how vast and amazing God's grace is, as well as how much I adore her because it's my name. I also think it's funny to get her a necklace for HER birthday with MY name on it ha ha”


Taylor Beach
Dallas, TX
writing: loved
story: “I lead a group of women at Watermark Community Group in Dallas. Many of us have mistaken our relationship with Christ as a way to "avoid sin" but the truth is that He loves us so much and that love is what inspires all of our life. We will be studying our identity in Christ on the retreat and I pray that they will have a new understanding of how loved they are by God and by the group.”


Cody Cox
Dallas, TX
writing: he is enough
story: “God has changed my life in incredible ways over the last year. I've been fighting self-doubt, a drive for perfection, and the end of a three-year, verbally and emotionally abusive relationship. He took all of that, emptied me, and has filled me back up with an incredible hope and satisfaction in Him.”


Tamara Backus
Encinitas, CA
writing: phil 1: 3-4
story: “The verse is "I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy" and I am purchasing this for my sweet Mother to remind her that she is loved even 1300 miles away.”


Alyssa Meuth
San Antonio, TX
writing: yahweh yireh
story: “I previously bought a necklace for myself that Yahweh Yireh as a reminder that God truly does always provide. Recently, I have had the opportunity to sponsor two girls who in live in Rwanda, and I think it would be special if we all wore this reminder. Thank you for having a company that provides an avenue to proclaim God's encouraging truth”


Courtney Evans
Arlington, TX
writing: peace
story: “I have a sweet friend turning 30 this month. As we were talking she mentioned really struggling because she wants to make sure she is fully in the Lord's calling on her life. She feels that entering this new decade it brings a whole new meaning on life. Marriage. Children. Work. What is our purpose? Are we completely following God's calling or are we living for ourselves. We talked about praying peace over her as she turns 30 (which is fabulous, by the way. :) ) and that the Lord would give her that peace to continue on the journey He has called her on.”


Madison Smith
Durant, OK
writing: creative
story: “This is actually a gift for my oldest niece. She turned 12 recently and loves to create the most incredible artistic pieces out of every day things. God has truly blessed her with a gift and I want to encourage her with this word, to never stop being used to create beautiful things out of the ordinary.”


Lauren Grable
Fort Worth, TX
writing: reckless grace
story: “It was super, super hard to let go of and controlled my thoughts but I got to experience all the freedom God offers and got to rest in the fact that His grace is sufficient and reckless.  Looking back, i feel like satan was trying to have me see how much I messed up, telling me im alone, and trying to control my mind with bad thoughts but God is so so good and has freed me from that and wants me to learn from this and experience the joy and freedom that comes with following Him because He died for me and I don’t have to live in that shame and can live in His grace! a verse that really was clear to me during that time as I struggled for a while wasJohn 10:10—“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  I know God has a plan for full, abundant life in Him but the enemy is constantly ready to steal, kill, and destroy by enticing me into sin.
He has been using this in my life to share with others and help a friend that went through snorting similar about a month after I did.  A verse that has stuck out to me is Luke 8:39- "Return to your home and tell how much God has done for you..".  I've been able to offer support to my friend and use this incident to bring glory to God.  God has put "reckless grace" on my heart and I have truly been able to experience it :)”


Erin Yoder
Manhattan Beach, CA
writing: karsen
story: “We want to ask our Flower Girl for our wedding and give her a cute little bracelet she can wear!!”


Brooke Tiernan
Dana Point, CA
writing: sister / john 3:16
story: “I'm marrying my dream guy who just happens to have the sister I never got growing up.  Macy Rose is 11 years old and she's absolutely in love with Jesus.  I asked her what her favorite bible verse was and within seconds she replies with John 3:16.  Beyond a honor to call her little sister now. “
writing: alive 9/26/16
story: “The date my best friend, my brother went to Heaven.  A date I will not allow the enemy to rob away and instead celebrate and new life in Heaven.  I chose the word ALIVE because he's no longer dead and his spirit is alive with Jesus Christ for eternity!”


Jill Passarella
Fort Myers, FL
writing: ;
story: “My mom has battled with Crohn's disease since she was in high school. A few years ago, she had a surgery that removed part of her colon and was a huge turning point for her health-wise. Since then, she hasn't had any symptoms of Crohn's! We always joke with her and buy her things with semi-colons on them (since she now only has part of her colon). And then I started getting things with regular colons on them for myself, so she is the semi-colon and I am the colon. It's our weird way of being connected as mother and daughter. So I just wanted to get this for her for her birthday! And as a 9 year anniversary of that surgery.”


Susan Zera
Northbrook, IL
writing: brave
story: “We have seen Mia's bravery in high school when she moved away from friendships that were unhealthy for her.  Then again in college when she made a decision to transfer schools and then, in the final hour....literally, realizingthat she wasn't quite ready to do that.  She came home and worked on being the best self that she could be and learned how to problem solve and ultimately decided to go back to where she started. She was so brave while she was home and made the best of a situation that was not the norm.  She bravely went back to her school and is embracing it fully.  And next she will bravely take a trip to Africa. Even her decision to serve veterans and their families is a brave one as it is not a job that will make her rich but instead make her heart happy.”


Toni Hennigan
Colleyville, TX
writing: lay chilly
story: “This word means "Be Cool".  I was looking for something that was military slang...conversation starter.  Love this one. Saw your sis Cierra wearing the long necklace and fell in love with it.”


Alyssa Brooks
Mason, OH
writing: eunoia
story: “This word is a greek work for beautiful thinking. Self image has always been a struggle for me. I've skipped meals in fear of gaining weight, and I've skipped church retreats in fear that I would have to take my makeup off, leaving me bare faced and anxious in front of others. God has recently answered years of constant prayers during a Young Life weekend-long retreat where I woke up one morning and loved what I saw in the mirror- no makeup, no alterations... just raw and simple me. I now live confidently in my own skin thinking beautiful thoughts towards the unfiltered, unedited, uncovered “me”."


Lucy Bowers
Irvine, CA
writing: overflow
story: “My cousin Kellie and I have been best friends for our entire lives. But the most bonding thing I have experienced with Kellie is attending youth group together: worshipping, discovering God's word, and having community. Kellie and I have shared hearts, thoughts, and a love for Jesus through Overflow. I want her to be reminded of our friendship with this necklace, but I also want her to be reminded of the Scripture verses that capture what "overflow" should mean: "Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks" (Matthew 12:34, Luke 6:45). I love Kellie so much and think that this necklace will reflect that!”


Jenny DeKraker
Mount Pleasant, MI
writing: it is well
story: “I am Jenny DeKraker. I chose this phrase because it has helped me overcome so many things from my past. I was a camp counselor this past summer and during worship one night, a friend sang the song It Is Well and I started to cry. I had never forgiven myself for the sins I had committed in my past and I had been so tired for carrying around those burdens for so long. I just wanted to let it all go. My friends started to pray over me and I cried some more. Whenever I am going through a difficult season, I listen to that song and I can just let myself go and it reminds me that I am forgiven through the Lord's great love for me. It reminds me that if the Lord can forgive me, I can certainly forgive myself. It reminds me that the Lord loves me and I am His child, a daughter of Christ.”


Rafael Sierra
Pasadena, CA
writing: -CDS-NAS- 
story: “A gift for my wife. the letters are our kids initials.”


Jessica Horton
Graham, WA
writing: forever his / 2-1-17
story: “Hi ladies! I first got one of your necklaces at Hope Sooken and it means so much to me. A 10 year old foster girl that I love so dearly accepted Jesus as her Savior on 2-1-17. Two summers ago when she forever changed my heart I would have never guessed God's story for her, to see her come to His kingdom shows me what a great God we serve and how HE changes hearts and pursues His daughters. Thank you ladies for all that you do! Are you able to fit the date on the coin if it's a bigger coin, would love for her to have something to remember this very special day by.”


Alison Hanchey
Colonial Heights, VA
writing: redeemed
story: “I am buying these for my bridesmaids, so that they'll remember who they are daily - by their Maker's definition and not anyone else's. And who is this God of theirs? The Redeemer! The One who makes all things NEW. The One who can take anything dirty, old, broken, used, overlooked, not appreciated, undervalued, (etc etc etc) and make it BEAUTIFUL. WORTH IT. Valued. Seen. FULLY known. FULLY accepted. FULLY delighted in. FULLY loved.Your coins are such a reflection of this attribute of Christ. Thanks for that!”


Gaby Pardue
Dallas, TX
writing: trail west
story: “The young life camp where I got to serve as a kitchen intern. It is the place where heaven first touched earth for me.”


Brooklyn Stutzman
Plain City, OH
writing: free
story: “After struggling with anxiety, an overactive conscience, and depression for years, I decided to make "free" my word for 2017. I know that having this necklace would be great reminder to me that I am FREE!”


Nicholas Malia
Virginia Beach, VA
writing: yet i praise
story: “my fiancé has been in love with this bible verse for years, and there is no better way to express how much this means to here than on a piece of repurposed beautiful metal to show the lords work in shaping us and praising him for it.”


Chandra Macleod
Manhattan Beach, CA
writing: believe
story: “My daughters names are Bella and Eve. Combined we call them Believe.”


Lily Thieken
Mason, OH
writing: endure
story: “I have been praying and asking God to help reveal to me a word that means a lot to me and my faith. I recently attended a church service where they really made it clear that we need to keep enduring, even when things are at their worst, because God is right there with us, strengthening us the whole way. I also looked up what the word means exactly and it says "to suffer patiently". I definitely would like to live by this word here on out. "Let us run with ENDURANCE, the race set out before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith." Hebrews 12:1.”


Elizabeth Moore
Charleston, SC
writing: be brave
story: “On February 15, 2012 the most important person in my life passed away. My grandmother was the bravest woman I've ever known. In her passing, the hardest part was knowing I wouldn't hear her voice anymore (we had hour long conversations over the phone every day) but I knew if there was one thing she could tell me now it would be "Be Brave”


Vicki Berg
San Clemente, CA
writing: oso del mar
story: “It's the name of our house in San Jose del Cabo.  It means "Sea Bear”.”


Alex Mielke
Athens, OH
writing: beloved
story: “For my best friend who encourages me to see Jesus as my Lover and know my identity is His beloved.”


Julia Spencer
San Clemente, CA
writing: he is good
story: “Hi it's Julia! This is for Kiana Campion for so many reasons but mostly as a late engagement present! She is a ray of sunshine, full of drive and deserves all the happiness!”
writing: “teenage wasteland”
story: “defining moments of our friendship.”


Brittany Eberl
Aiken, SC
writing: agape
story: “this is for one of my best friends, Maggie, who loves so ferociously (brotherly loved) but is loved even more by her Heavenly Father. Agape is greek meaning unconditional and never-failing love. She is loved by me but loved far more by her God and that is what she lives by.”


Lindsay Carroll
Aiken, SC
writing: agalliao
story: “my friend group of 5 and i all drew names out of a hat and are getting these for each other for Christmas. we each picked what word we wanted on our necklaces so that we can have a daily reminder of who we are to each other and who we are to Jesus & live with that bravery every day.”


Maggie West
Aiken, SC
writing: alonios
story: “This is for my best friend and it means everlasting in greek and she loves Jesus and His love is everlasting and I never want her to forget that.”


Bree Miracle 
San Antonio, TX
writing: be still
story: “This necklace is a gift for my sister. "Be Still" is her favorite phrase because she struggles with anxiety. The phrase reminds her to let go and let God in every situation.”


Daisy Rhoad
Charleston, SC
writing: redeemed
story: “I grew up in a home that was super about the church, but not very about Jesus. I was always told to hide my brokenness, that I had to be perfect. So, throughout my life I hid my brokenness from everyone, including Jesus. Then one day I learned from a good friend that the last thing that Jesus wants is for me to hide my brokenness. In my weakness he is made strong through me. I've learned the value in the things that I have gone through. I don't have to be afraid to share that I grew up hard hearted towards God because of the alcoholic parents that He gave me. I don't have to be ashamed of my story because He wrote it and He redeemed it. I am redeemed in him and can bring him glory through the story He has given me. Redemption has taken on a whole new meaning in my life this year, and is something that I feel so undeserving of. But that's just one more thing that makes God so dang good.”


Jacob Allspaw
Cincinnati, OH
writing: revival
story: “A dear, dear friend of mine recently started her own business. She is wicked talented and has a heart on fire for loving other people. She is all things joyful and thirsty for this life in front of her. Her business centers around her love of Jesus, and her love of painting. She has made it her life mission to hand-paint as many Bibles as possible, giving the word of the Lord over to thousands of woman looking for a Savior, looking for a true love. When we talk about her business, the word that seems to ring most true is "revival." She believes that the word of the Lord can revive generations of people, and because of that, I think she is truly starting her own revival.”


Olivia Hartjen 
Pleasanton, CA
writing: andare
story: “This is the Italian word for "go", and my best friend and I are studying abroad in Rome next semester, so I thought this would be a fun christmas gift!”


Karli Jones
Centennial, CO
writing: 28.36 N 81.59 W
story: “My sister had an internship at Disney and absolutely loved it. She was surrounded by like-minded people who were uplifting and inspiring. Since leaving that, she's lost her inspiration and is feeling down. I want this to be like a little piece of home for her, hopefully pushing her to find new adventures while still keeping part of her past with her.”


Ellen Klepacki
Hinsdale, IL
writing: love
story: “God has blessed me with incredible women in our family and I want this necklace to remind them of the love of Christ, the greatest love of all!!”


Elizabeth Rutledge
Portland, OR
writing: set free
story: “This is a birthday gift for a friend to remind her that she is set free in Christ. She does not have to work or strive for His love because she already has it!”


Carly McDougal
Magnolia, TX
writing: chephets
story: “"But his delight (chephets) is in the law of the LORD,
And in His law he meditates day and night.
He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper."
"Delight" describes my sister-in-law to a tee. Not only is she a delight to be around. But, as spoken in Psalm 1:2, she truly delights in the law of the Lord. She meditates on His Word and is obedient to His lead. She can't help but joyfully express her love for the Lord wherever she goes!”


Loni Shirley
Santa Clarita, CA
writing: K (1-14-17) S
story: “For my soon to be daughter in law, her new intitials and wedding date”
writing: nixon & madden
story: “For my daughter in law. Her 4 year old twin’s names.”


Kalia Gates
Laguna Niguel, CA
writing: M+ L
story: for my mom. mark + lynn.


Becca Marrick
Cumming, GA
writing: 2 cor. 4:8-10
story: “This necklace is for the most dear angel friend of mine. She sharpens me, reminds me that God doesn't mess up our stories, and that He's refining us every day. She's incredibly wise and has a way with words- here are some of her thoughts on this good
word:“Molded. Sculpted. Carved. Bent. Hard pressed.
story: I have been consumed by the idea of these words and the hardness and physicality of them. They are not things that happen naturally nor things that come with ease. They are words that portray tension, discomfort, and resistance. They take brawn and power. But they are Christian buzz words…words we strive for. We want to be molded and sculpted to look more like him. We want to carve out time. We want to bend to lean into the unnatural. We are “hard pressed on all sides” but not crushed. We are bent but not broken. we are molded and sculpted and carved but not cut or shattered. Discomfort that provides a better product than before. We aren't called to ease. We are aren't called to conform. We aren't called to blend. But instead we press up against. We flex to resist that, in turn, fills all the cracks and crevasses of the mold. We have to shed the no good if we are gonna be carved. Bending takes a lot of pressure to one side to lean towards the unnatural. Hebrews 12 says no discipline is enjoyable while it is happening-it is painful. But there will be a peaceful harvest for those in right living. Painful. All those words are painful. But the product and harvest will be more than we can ask or imagine.”


Nicole Chaplain
Norfolk, VA
writing: held
story: “This necklace is to remind my daughter that - no matter what - we are HELD in the palm of his hand - forever watched over, protected, and loved.”
writing: enough
story: “This necklace and word ENOUGH is to remind my daughter that no matter what others say or what the world says, she will always be ENOUGH in all ways to our Lord.”
writing: fearless
story: “As I am about to graduate from college and begin a new chapter in life, I chose the word FEARLESS to remind me that God has given me the strength to do all things and to live a life without fear.  As Psalm 118:6 says, "The LORD is for me; I will not fear …”


Lydia Sloan
Cincinnati, OH
writing: alabanza
story: “alabanza is spanish for praise, but it literally means to raise something to Gods face and say "praise to you for this”.”


Krystin Major
Arnold, MD
writing: redamancy
story: “The act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full. This is going to be a gift for my cousin and my best friend Tess. I choose this word because of it's meaning. Tess and I have always found a special bond within our friendship and family but as we grew older our time together grew rare. I essentially get to see her once a year, which is just not enough. We truly cherish the time we have together, and that minimal time does not negatively affect our genuine love for each other. She has been traveling the last year all over the world, and our access to communication is very minimal. I get to see her this christmas for only two days but I can't wait to give her this gift. Thank you for creating such beautiful gifts.”


Jesse Fox
Fort Worth, TX
writing: eleanora
story: “This is a gift for my wife so it is not my story but it is the name of our first daughter.”
writing: delight
story: “This is a necklace for my wife. One of her favorite verses when she was growing up was Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." We recently had our first daughter. Having kids has been a desire she has had her whole life.”


Morgan Pace
Mount Pleasant, SC
writing: lean not
story: “this is a present for my mother. She is so strong and has one of the largest hearts I know. she overcomes adversity in her life through her large faith and puts all of her hope into her faith. I have learned so much from growing up with a mother like her. she has truly taught me to lean not on thy own understanding and give all my glory to God."Trust in the Lord with all THINE heart and lean not on thy own understanding”


Megan Gay
Cleveland, TN
writing: just bloom
story: “I heard this phrase once, "a flower doesn't compare itself to the flower next to it, it just blooms." And I loved it. Today we are so focused on the ideas of competition and the sin of comparison. What if we all just bloomed the way God had originally planned for us? This phrase just brings me so much peace, while remembering that God is shaping me, growing me, and allowing me to bloom at the speed he has chosen for me. It's not about how I shape up to others. It's solely about being present and removing the pressure I place on myself.

megan gay
cleveland, tn
writing: reviver
story: "This is actually a gift for a close friend of mine. Her heart and passions are through the roof, everyone that comes in contact with her is automatically impacted by the love, compassion, and beautiful friendship of Christ. She has always been there for other when they cannot stand for themselves because of past experiences, hurts, and mental illnesses. She is one who revives, others and herself. Everyday she is helping herself or others to become strong, healthy or active again. And because of that She is a reviver. My favorite part about being able to share her story is that I know she would be able to do the same. More importantly she knows that sharing this part of her story allows her to connect, encourage and launch those around her into the same journey of reviving their lives."


chenille hinz
waldheim, canada
writing: beloved
story: "This is a gift for my best friend, someone who has walked with me through the highs and lows of my life with patience, joy, grace, kindness and love. I want this necklace to serve as a reminder of how loved she is by the One True King. He has chosen her as one of His own and calls her His beloved. He is passionately pursuing her heart and declaring these truths over her and I hope that this can be a reminder of His incredible love for her as His beloved daughter. 1 John 3:1-2 'See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Beloved, we are God's children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is.'"


maddelin mcfarland
los angeles, ca
writing: rom 8:31
story: "I've always been so cautious with being open about my faith when really, it is the most important part of my life. This past year has really tested my faith and in each and every problem I faced I just turned to God. I realized that when I focused all my thoughts on God and placed my trust in him, I felt invincible. I didn't care who judged me because of it. I constantly found myself thinking about one verse: 'If God is for us, who is against us?' Romans 8:31. Now, I just feel so filled with joy in the Lord and my main goal in life is to share this joy with everyone around me. I want to make a difference in the lives of others by bringing positive energy into every situation and I want to bring people closer to God."


kortnie karn
oklahoma city, ok
writing: surround
story: "'The love and faithfulness of God surrounds us and shapes our desires and dreams.' My pastor said this in a season of my life when I really needed to hear it. I want to live everyday knowing that His love surrounds us. I want to surround the people in my life with His love and be a reminder to them that even when it feels like life is not going the way we planned ( which honestly, it wont and that in it of itself is a HUGE blessing that takes perspective to see) that we are still surrounded by His love and grace and peace.  I want to surround today with all the love and intensity and courage that I can, and keep traveling along the beautiful path that God himself made for me."


chenille hinz
waldheim, canada
writing: trust
story: "This is a gift for my mom who has had a tough year. From discovering she had a large, cancerous tumour, enduring major surgery and being declared cancer free over the course of a few months. He is GOOD and is worthy of our trust. Whenever the temptation to worry arises, I pray that this is a reminder to trust in the One who is greater than it all. Provers 3:5-6 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.' "


kylie campbell
lone tree, co
writing: redeemed
story: "Something that I have battled with over and over again is understanding and accepting that the Lord has forgiven me of my sins and that His grace is never ending. I am redeemed and loved and I want this necklace to serve as a constant reminder of how good our Father is."


chenille hinz
waldheim, canada
writing: wonder
story: "May I never lose my wonder of Jesus and all that He has done and is doing for me.Habakkuk 1:5 'Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.' "


alison templeman
indianapolis, in
writing: follow you
story: "This phrase carries a lot of meaning in my life.  with the Lord as my compass, i am reminded to follow Him and the directions He gives.  in following Him, i give it up and let Him do what I can't."


kathy barringer
wadesboro, nc
writing: proverbs 3:5-6
story: "This Bracelet will be going to my step mom. She is in the process of going through a divorce from my dad and it is hitting them both pretty hard. I just pray that she finds the strength that I know she has and overcomes this. I hope that this bracelet gives her the motivation to remain faithful to God and she leans on him for guidance."


allyson springer
fort worth, tx
writing: phil 4:13
story: "This necklace is for my mom. She lost her best friend a few years back to cancer, and this verse was on the program at the funeral. Every since her death, for some reason, pennies have been a symbol of remembrance for her. Every time she sees a random penny somewhere, she is reminded of the strength of her friend. My mom has been through so much, and her strength has remained throughout, so I want this necklace to be a reminder of her beautiful friend and the strength we all have instilled in us through Christ."


kelsey young
austin, tx
writing: free, indeed
story: "This phrase is spoken by Jesus in the gospel of John and has changed my life.  Every since trusting in Jesus two years ago, I have never felt more free.  Some people think that being a follower of Christ means being bound by rules and responsibilities and living up to a standard, but I am convinced that following Him is true freedom.  He breaks chains, He cleanses, He renews.  Knowing Christ means knowing the giver of Life and being given the change to freely worship Him, for which I was created."


mikaela gallagher
penryn, ca
writing: abide
story: "Throughout my life this is the word in which I have and continue to need to act out more than anything else. I am nothing but flesh and bone without my Savior. John 15:4"


kourtni williams
lizton, in
writing: let go.
story: "There has been a lot of uncontrollable things happening in my life lately. I have been continually reminding myself to just let go. God has the bigger plan.. even if I do not see it right now. If I never let go I may never see all of the wonderful things that He has in store for my life."


emma lenz
san diego, ca
writing: dance more
story: "I wanna dance more. I want to belt out the words to my favorite songs and dance with my friends and my family and be reminded that life is really really good. Dancing with people I love gives me perspective, and it makes me smile really big. I suck at dancing, and that only makes it more fun. I wanna dance more."


casey mccrotty
north little rock, ar
writing: 2 Cor 13: 11
story: "This is a birthday gift for a special friend who I have seen many seasons of life with. She always spurs me on to love God better and takes life on with such ease and stride. I want her to wear this as a reminder the God of love and peace is always with her."


jessica gardner
saint petersburg, fl
writing: cayanan
story: "My best friend is getting married soon and this will be her new last name. :)"

lauren rutledge
dallas, tx
writing: agape
story: "Agape: the highest form or love, a self-sacrificing love, the love that God has for his children, the love that was demonstrated by Christ on the cross"


caroline jones
fort worth, tx
writing: be still
story: "This is the thing I need reminding of the most. I am constantly busying myself and I hate leaving time to do what I need most--simply being still. Whether it's being still with my Savior, or being still to look up and look at those around me. I need grace to teach me to be still."


lauren rutledge
dallas, tx
writing: beloved
story: "For my sister, a reminder that she is loved dearly by her Creator in heaven"

elizabeth duley
asheboro, nc
writing: worthy
story: "This is for a friend, to remind her that she is worthy of love, of friendship and most of all The Lord's unending grace!"

malu arreguin
san juan capistrano, ca
writing: win
story: "Win is the name of one of my favorite artists and I like that it doubles as a secret message."

lauren rutledge
dallas, tx
writing: 3.13.14 // redeemed
story: "This is the date of my baptism and a reminder that since putting my faith in Christ I have been redeemed, my sins have been paid for on the cross and I am set free!"

kelsey young
austin, tx
writing: enough
story: "I am getting this necklace for my best friend for her birthday. I am putting the word 'enough' on it to remind her that she is truly enough for God. He loves her for who she is and she didn't have to clean herself up for fix her life before she surrendered her life to Him. She has demonstrated this truth with her life and constantly reminds me that I am enough for God. Nothing that we do can ever make God love us more or less than he already does. We are His children, and we are enough."

taylor johnson
dallas, tx
writing: redeemed
story: "Jesus is called our Redeemer in Scripture. He restores. He heals. He makes all things new. He turns beauty into ashes. He turns the bitter into sweet.  I am so quick to find my identity in people, performance and approval; but there is endless freedom when I stop and remember that I am a redeemed daughter of the King. He pursued me at my most broken, and for that, I am eternally grateful."

lauren davis
fort worth, tx
writing: enough
story: "My entire life I have felt like I am never good enough. Not good enough for my dad, for my grades, myself, everything. I chose to get enough on my necklace as a daily reminder that I am enough, and that God created me and loves me the way I am."

lucy given
fort worth, tx
writing: it is well
story: "The song 'It Is Well' is such a unique reminder of the unmatched peace the Lord gives to us. Recently, I've been reminded of the specific purpose God has for each of our lives which makes it that much easier to say it is well, as we learn how to live better as a lover of Jesus."

aiden lillie
chareston, sc
writing: lean not
story: "In the beginning of this year I became obsessed with trying to figure out my future. I tried to dictate every aspect of my life in order for things to meet my expectations. The result was constant disappointment, relationships in my life suffering, and even my faith was affected. Then I came across these two verses: 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all you do and He will make your paths straight.' Proverbs 3:5-6. These verses taught me to trust God with writing my story for me and that it's not my place to try and change them all the time. His plan for me is better than anything I could imagine or create and I know know that. These simple words, 'Lean not', fill me with an unexplainable sense of relief and I can't wait to carry them around with me."

alexis brenner
charleston, sc
writing: firenze // 43n 11e
story: "Firenze means Florence, and 43 North, 11 East are the coordinates. This is where my best friend and I studied abroad. Florence, Italy will always have a place in our heart and was one of the most life changing journeys we got to share."

ramsie goss
dahlonega, ga
writing: honest
story: "I chose the word 'honest' because as I have gotten older I have realized that honesty is one of the most important virtues in my life. In life, I believe it is one of the hardest things to do. People try to live an honest life, but ulitmatly, other people's feelings could get in the way. I have always said that I would rather have the whole truth and be hurt than be lied to. I think being honest also leaves you with a clear conscience. It lifts the weight off of your shoulders. I always look to give people the benefit of the doubt, maybe that's me being naive, but I trust that they are being an honest person. I am honest, thus, I expect honesty from others. My favorite quote is 'Be silly. Be honest. Be Kind.' by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It captures the way I choose to live my life. I would have put this quote on the necklace, but obviously it would not fit. I love the word. I just want to try and live an honest life as a honest person."

jean catherine hubbard
charleston, sc
writing: endaxi
story: "last summer i worked on an archaeology site in Greece with CofC's geology department. it's something i had always dreamed of doing since i was a little kid. endaxi is a greek phrase loosely translated to "it's all good". it's a word we said a lot while over there. i had a few leftover euros from the trip and wanted to commemorate them somehow. now every time i look down at my wrist, i'm reminded that everything is ok, no matter what life throws my way."


olivia harjen
fort worth, tx
writing: beloved
story: "this particular word serves as a HUGE reminder of the fact that i get to wake up each morning redeemed by the God who adopted me into His family as a beloved daughter. what a sweet gift + way to go through life"

mckenzie haley
charleston, sc
writing: he > i
story: "'He must become greater, I must become less.' John 3:30. it is easy for me to get so caught up in what i want & what i think is best, that i put myself above what the Lord may want. this logo reminds me of all the humbling people i met from my mission trip in Serbia & how i must always keep Him ahead of anything i do."

laura shurna
glen ellyn, il
writing: 5.55 N, 0.20 W
story: "the coordinates of Ghana where my friend served the Lord fearlessly."

chandra macleod
manhattan beach, ca
writing: CW+CR BFF
story: "my best friend since 4th grade & i used to always write this on our notebooks, yearbooks, etc. (since the 1970's). it's our maiden name initials & just looking at it brings back memories of my childhood and i hope it does the same for my best friend." 

anna gerze
littleton, co
writing: trust
story: "my whole life i have struggled with fully giving my trust to Jesus. but what i have learned throughout my first years of college is that God knows exactly what He is doing. there is no need for fear or anxiety because it's already taken care of! giving it all to Him has been the best thing i have done"

christine fasano
hinsdale, il
writing: james 1:2
story: "this necklace is for my mom. she has endured so much in the last 5 years as she lost her dad to cancer, & is now losing her mom to dementia. she shows bravery & strength in her life every single day, & i'm so proud to call her my mother"

olivia klockenkemper
alton, il
writing: never give ^
story: "if my life & the lives around me have taught me anything it is that you will repeatedly be knocked down. but you always get up, you have to get up. you can do anything you set your mind to & you might just surprise yourself in the end. i hope everyone feels this way some way or another. life is too short to give ^"

rebecca fuller
rock hill, sc
writing: fearless
story: "i've recently found myself in a season of fear, anxiety & struggling to trust in the Lord's promises. i hope to wear this necklace & every time i look at it remember to pray & that God gave us a spirit of power, not a spirit of fear"

audrey brown
lexington, sc
writing: 32N 80W
story: "charleston's coordinates!! my daughter is at cofc & is turning 20 this year! we just wanted something for her to hold onto to remember this moment in her life. she is an incredible blessing to us! we are so thankful to the Lord for the gift she is to us. it has been incredible to see her walk with Him through her time in charleston. what a mighty & loving Father we have."

allison messimer
fort worth, tx
writing: 34 S 151 E
story: "i used to live in sydney, australia & it always has a piece of my heart!"

ashlee hardy
denver, co
writing: 1 Peter 5:7
story: "i met my best friend first day in our dorm room at the college of charleston. we immediately clicked & lived together the rest of our time at college or at least in the same building. she became like a sister to me & vice versa. i became a part of her family & she became a part of mine. a little over a year ago she lost her little brother to unfortunate ending. they were super close & were only a little over a year apart. my heart broke the night I found out, & this is why this verse is so important. it's always been one of diana's favorites, but now it has an even deeper meaning. it's one that she holds close & helps her get through her tough times. she lives in austin now, so I'm not able to see her as much, so I wanted to get her something super special for her birthday. i followed you ladies on instagram and i immediately knew this would be the perfect gift. charleston is hands down diana's favorite city and the place we met. so now she'll always be able to carry a little bit of charleston, our friendship & her brother around any time."

avery earl
aledo, tx
writing: charis
story: "there was once a girl named sally. she was going into high school & was so excited about her classes. then she went to AP english. as the class went on, she realized this class was going to be too hard for her. she was going to be able to do it. so she went home crying and told her dad that english was too hard. she wouldn't be able to get the grade she wanted. the next day Sally & her dad went to school to talk to her english teacher. through her tears, sally explained to the teacher that she was going to have to drop out of the class because it was too hard. 'i understand, sally. but what if I went ahead & gave you a 100 for the year?' her teacher said sally didn't understand...her teacher then took out the grade book & at the end of the year she wrote an 100 by sally's name. 'sally,' her teacher said, 'you already have your 100. will you take my class now? you're free to learn. it doesn't matter how well you do. you already have your A.' 

'charis' is greek for grace. this past summer this story was shared to me. this is the definition of grace. after hearing this story, i realized i didn't look at grace the right way. i saw grace as a lot of chances to try harder...not the freedom to live in Christ without fear of failure. He has done it all. i already have my A. Christ sits at the right hand of God because there is no more work to be done. he has finished it all. because we already have our 100, through His grace, we are entirely free to learn without fear of failure. our failures do not matter because we aren't being graded. how freeing! our relationship with this Lord is a dance, not a march. through His freedom, I am free to dance & learn without fear. grace. that's what this truly is. i am a student at the college at southwestern seminary in fort worth. this would explain my love for greek because I am in the process of learning it. i own a lifestyle and wedding photography business in the DFW area. i am a lover of grace, art, stars, my dog, & tacos. once i learned that this is what grace really is my relationship with the Lord truly became more real, alive, & exciting. when I learned how free i am in Him, i fell so much more in love with my Creator."

jenna ramsey
oxford, oh
writing: worthy
story: "this necklace is for my roommate, to her the word worthy is a reminder that she is worth the cross. that even if she was the only person on earth God still would have looked at her & said, 'i love you & you are precious to me, Rachel, you are worth this sacrifice.'"

kira markus
fort worth, tx
writing: but god
story: "but God: can, is, does, is more than, is better, love, forgive, the list goes on. in every situation i want to be reminded, 'but God'"

allie crump
fort worth, tx
writing: be free
story: "Christ has brought me so much freedom. freedom from idols that enslaved me, freedom from people pleasing, freedom from death. i love that through Christ i have been able to take off the shackles & declare my freedom in Him."

peton miller
smyrna, ga
writing: 34.8 N 84.3 W
story: "these are the coordinates of lake blue ridge, ga. my family recently sold our lake house of 15 years. i grew up on that lake & will always long for the times i was fortunate enough to spend there. this necklace will be a way for me to keep those happy memories with me always" 

maggie streelman
long beach, ca
writing: ecc 3:11
story: "this is a gift for my best friend's birthday. ecclesiastes 3:11 is her favorite verse"

ciara paniagua
escondido, ca
writing: poppy
story: "poppy is what i call my grandfather. he was my best friend & a truly amazing & special person. he passed away some time ago & i want to be able to keep him as close as i possibly can"

petra rack
fort worth, tx
writing: let go
story: "all my life i have had a hard time trusting in what God has planned for me. i constantly need to have control over everything in my life in fear that it won't go how i planned it. lately though, i have been learning that i need to just 'let go' & trust that God has a great plan for me & i just have to put my trust in Him."

rachel stelter
charlotte, nc
writing: Romans 12:2
story: "i am a firm believer that God is so intentional with having us cross paths with the right people at the right time. two years ago He blessed me with my incredible friend & more importantly sister in Christ. she is currently pursuing her professional soccer career in japan. romans 12:2 is her favorite verse. this necklace is a celebration of how she is a light to everyone around her & an example of His perfect & pleasing will." 

dancin morgan
greenwich, ct
word: Eph 5:14
story: "'wake up, sleeper. rise from the dead & Christ will shine on you.' this passage has been the theme of my family this year/ its been an amazing verse & i would love to physically wear it"

brooke bishop
charleston, sc
word: 32 80
story: "since i'm studying abroad this summer, i want to be able to keep a little piece of home with me & be able to share y'alls story & business with people i meet while i'm abroad, pointing everything back to Jesus!"

tessa prindiville
edwards, co
word: 26.6 S 153 E
story: "this is the location of the sunshine coast, australia. this is where my journey as a christian truly started. i gave my life to Christ last year on my discipleship training school & i am currently finishing up my school of biblical studies. it's crazy to see the transformation God has done in my heart in the past 15 months. i am so excited to see where he is going to lead me next when my chapter in australia comes to an end i move back to the states permanently this fall. this bracelet will be a sweet reminder to me of all that has been part of my life this past year & a half"

krystin major
arnold, md
word: 41.6800 N 70.2000 W
story: "this coordinate is to cape cod, ma. a beautiful place that i used to go to every year with memere (grandmother) who passed last year. she was the most giving kind hearted woman i probably will ever meet. this will keep her always with me!"

stephanie greene
charleston, sc
word: remember
story: "its so hard to remember who i am in the midst of life & craziness & whatnot. so i need as many reminders as i can get my hands on that i am a daughter of the King & that i am purified in his blood & that my righteousness is not by anything that i could possibly do, but my righteousness comes from the sacrifice of Christ Jesus on the cross"

margaret smith
charleston, sc
word: 35N 81W
story: "these are the coordinates for where i came to know the Lord!"

christie felker
indianapolis, in
word: beauty & ashes
story: "over the past four years, my family has journeyed through the heartbreak of ministry to God's healing & restoration. these words speak of God's faithfulness & love. a beautiful reminder of God weaving moments of our lives for His greater purpose"

alicia caldwell
athens, ga
word: grace
story: "i grew up in a christian home & was saved at the age of seven. i am so thankful for salvation at such a young age, but i really didn't know what it was to walk with the Lord, seek and follow after Him until much later, my senior year of college. one word that the Lord has shown me again & again as i have grown in my walk with Him is 'grace'. learning God's grace for me -through eternal salvation & daily living- & giving myself grace. learning that grace isn't earned, but graciously & lovingly given. learning that i don't have to be perfect & that i am enough because i am a daughter of the Most High"

amy knobloch
alexandria, va
word: rest in me
story: "since moving to the dc area, life seems like it is always on the move. people are always talking about what is next or all their plans for the weekend. it is so easy for me to get caught up in the hurry of this life but i want to sit & rest in God's presence knowing that He has it all taken care of."

alexandra venancio
north situate, ri
word: 22 30 09
story: "although this isn't a word, these numbers hold a specific place in my heart. my dad passed away when i was 6 years old, and it has been my mom & i ever since. i wanted to create something in honor of my dad's memory and in appreciation of my mom's amazing strength. the 22 represents my dad's birthdate, the 30 represents my mom's, & i am the 9th. now, even when i'm away from home, my family will always hang close by my heart"

joy carter
charleston, sc
word: even still
story: "this phrase is from a hymn written by horatio spafford who lost almost everything important to him, but still spent his life praising the Lord. one of the verses in the hymn says, 'when sorrows like the sea billows roll- whatever my lot, thou hast forgot me to say, it is well with my soul.' i want that to be the mentality of my life & how i view every trial i face."

allison clark
charleston, sc
word: xlv xii ii
story: "these roman numerals stand for my favorite bible verse, romans 12:2. it says, 'do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind; then you can test & prove that God's will is His good, pleasing & perfect will.' this was the first verse that really stuck with me last year as i was looking to renew my relationship with Christ & to have a better understanding for my walk with Him. it has allowed me to open my spirit & ming to a renewed, fulfilled life with Him, & having it on a necklace will allow me to be renewed of this transformation every day"

ellis johnson
greenwich, ct
word: 48 N 122 W
story: "we are getting them for all our cousins. they are the coordinates of our grandma's house that we all go to together every summer."

brigette adams
forth worth, tx
word: joy
story: "i choose joy. in my relationship with God i have discovered the significance in this God-given ability to choose our reality. no matter the season or drought, we have the ability to choose joy because of Him who has overcome the world. joy can be chosen in the midst suffering and joy can be chosen in the midst of the mundane. the reality is that the Kingdom of God is her & now. you & i are invited to be apart of it. it is because of this choice to join in, i have found an unwavering joy that surpasses all suffering. it is for this reality that i dance & sing; with GREAT joy!"

ashley finke
charlotte, nc
word: 35.5 N 80.8 W
story: "this is a graduation present for my friend rachel stelter. she had a tough recovery after she tore her acl playing soccer for davidson college this past fall, and she spent her time between school & my family's lake house during that recovery. she has come such a long way as a player, friend, mentor, & christian since that time. her growth has been tremendous & today she graduates & takes a huge, scary, wonderful, exciting step into the real world. i pray that her journey will be fruitful & blessed. she has certainly been a blessing to me."

bethany west
stafford, va
word: 15 S 28 E
story: "my roommate/the first girl i led in a bible study/a very dear friend is going to zambia, africa this summer to bring the message of life to those who are living in death. as a gift before she leaves, i am giving her a bracelet with the coordinates of zambia on it to remind her to 'be where her feet are' "

adrienne burch
mobile, al
word: home
story: "i am giving this to my sister for her high school graduation. she is moving off to new york city in the fall, &  i want her to remember that her home, while it may be many different places on this earth, will only truly ever be with her heavenly Father."

jordan esterby
summerville, sc
word: isaiah 55:9
story: "i love this verse because it touches my soul. it reminds me that no matter my circumstances, the Lord is in control. life is so hard. every day is a struggle to love others & to live for Christ. i do it wrong most of the time, but i have to remind myself that God's thoughts are so much higher than mine. which means that He's got this. i might not understand things, but the Lord does."

cara butcher
massapequa, ny
word: 32 N 79 W
story: "this is the coordinates of charleston, sc & she are getting it for a friend we met in charleston that is graduating & moving to chicago."

katie roberts
littleton, co
word: crowded
story: "i think as christians we are called to bring others with us to heaven. we are called to be selfless & put others first & by bettering others & pouching them we are getting them closer & closer to heaven. i put crowded on my necklace to remind me that its time for me to pick up my armor & to play my role in making heaven more crowded."

megan block
scottdale, az
word: PRJ
story: "these are my best friends initials. we've spent countless hours praying & crying together & living life. we're going to different colleges next year & i want her to be able to see this & remember me."

dixson bledsoe
birmingham, al
word: she laughs
story: "the story behind why i chose "she laughs " to be written on my necklace comes from Proverbs 31:25 where it speaks about the wife of noble character saying, 'she is clothed with strength & dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.' for me the fact that she can laugh at the days ahead of her is evidence of her unshakable faith & confidence in the Lord. i long for this confidence of faith that the wife of noble character has, to be so lost in the Lord & to find such strength  & joy from Him that what the future holds has no power over me. i want to be a woman that laughs at the thought of worrying myself over a day that has yet to come."

zoe morris 
greenwich, ct
word: 43 N 71 W
story: "these are the coordinates of the camp i'll be working at this summer in new hampshire. i went to this camp for 5 years when i was younger & its the place where i learned who Jesus really is, & where my faith became by own. i hope i am able to influence the girls the same way my councilors influenced me, and pray that somehow i'm able to further the Kingdom through the work i do up there this summer."

ali bolsinger
san clemente, ça
word: love you more
story: "i am getting matching necklaces for my mom & i. she is my best friend & for our whole lives we have always had the saying "love you more". it has & will forever be our thing with each other. i am leaving for college in the fall on the east coast, so as a saying goodbye for now gift & something that we can have together, i wanted to get her the long necklace."

ali mefferd
hudson, mi
word: even now
story: "i love the conversation that Jesus has with Martha in John 11. her brother has just passed away & she runs out to meet her Lord Jesus. she states her misunderstanding of the circumstances, but in the midst of the pain she also makes a bold statement of faith, 'if you had been here, my brother would not have died. but i know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.' i love the hope in those words, 'even now'. Even now God can still work & even now He is, in fact, at work. I want to remember that promise & have a bold faith in the midst of my circumstances." 

molly morse
charleston, sc
word: abide
story: "my friend & i did the "abide" study from Naptime Diaries last summer. for her birthday, i'm buying her a necklace with that word to remember al that we learned together during that study & to remember to abide in the Lord always." 

hope walker
charlotte, nc
word: faith
story: "for my beautiful best friend with a never ending faith" 

katey gascoigne
san francisco, ca
word: 37 N 122 W
story: "my best friend, who i have also been lucky enough to live with throughout college is leaving to do volunteer work in ecuador for the next year after graduation. i chose to get her & myself a bracelet with the coordinates of our home in san francisco on it as a going away gift" 

makenna kerr
laguna niguel, ca
word: sand & stars
story: "my mom always tells my brother & i that she loves us as much sand & stars there are, so for mother's day i thought that would be the perfect gift" 

carolyn carter
mount pleasant, sc
word: -38.6 178.0 (on a new zealand coin)
story: "after 18 years of battling the horrible war of cancer, my father passed away in the summer of 2014. his wish was of me & my family to spread his ashes on the beach he grew up on in gisborne, new zealand. this february we traveled to new zealand for a month celebrating his beautiful life & had an unforgettable ceremony spreading his ashes on midway beach. this nz coin will be a constant reminder of him & the strength & courage he exemplified throughout his life."

olivia hartjen
pleasanton, ca
word: 1 Cor 13:4-7
story: "this is my best friend's favorite bible verse, so i thought it would make a perfect birthday present."

kylie greeno
trucklee, ca
word: wild
story: "my mother has always been free spirited & spontaneous. since i was young i have been told so many stories of her doing the craziest things. this mothers day i want her to know one of the main qualities she has passed on to me. she has taught me to do whatever makes me feel happy even if it is crazy, even if it is wild"

erin ellender
baton rouge, la
word: galatians 2:20
story: "as an impressionable junior in college, my path crossed with ali's. a 38-year old beautiful, intentional, caring woman of the lord. her life is devoted to ministering to young women. she foresters relationships, gets to know the heart, & challenges to live a life set apart- a life for christ. this bracelet is for her, the verse chosen reflects a life that all so evidently embraces. her faith underlines all that she does. her example is one to be followed & i am so grateful to know her"

ally green
fort worth, tx
word: tetelestai
story: "all too often i let words define me, words attached to my worth as a daughter, a student, a woman. in my life, words are too infectious. but where his life ended; mine began. & that is a word i can rejoice in. teletestai- it is finished. as much as the enemy wants to define me as a failure or unworthy, i know that my life is defined by grace, joy, & complete confidence in who Jesus is"

lindsey parham
ashville, nc
word: enough
story: "this is going to be a gift for the high school girls that i mentor for two reasons. 1. that they will remember that they are 'enough' just as they are and 2. that Christ is always 'enough' for them"

sarah mosteller
charleston, sc
word: wild & free
story: "to be known as wildly & crazily joyful by & for my Abba Father is my life's desire"

sarah jacobs
charleston, sc
word: brave
story: "it is more of a verb than an adjective to me, we get to be brave not because of us, but because there is no fear in Him"

madalyn forrester
fort worth, tx
word: grace
story: "because there is nothing in the entire world that the grace of God can't cover"

KD graduating class of 2015
charleston, sc
word: 33' 80'
story: "the coordinates of charleston as a gift for the KD seniors"  

justin coats
altadelta, ca
word: john 5:24
story: "this is my grandmas favorite verse who just passed away & my mom's birthday is coming up so i wanted to get my mom this in memory of her mom"

She is one who revives, others and herself. Everyday she is helping herself or others to become strong, healthy or active again. And because of that She is a reviver. My favorite part about being able to share her story is that I know she would be able to do the same. More importantly she knows that sharing this part of her story allows her to connect, encourage and launch those around her into the same journey of reviving their lives.

please let us know (when you are ordering) if you want the story behind your word to be shared, or if you want us to be praying for it privately. either way we are so incredibly thankful of you.