we have been receiving the most incredible stories from people around the United States through your orders about words & the meaning behind them. we don't want them to stop with this website & just danielle & I anymore. we believe that these are the foundation of this company.

the foundation of our heart & purpose behind what we do. 

and we want them to be shared.

megan gay
cleveland, tn
writing: reviver
story: "This is actually a gift for a close friend of mine. Her heart and passions are through the roof, everyone that comes in contact with her is automatically impacted by the love, compassion, and beautiful friendship of Christ. She has always been there for other when they cannot stand for themselves because of past experiences, hurts, and mental illnesses. She is one who revives, others and herself. Everyday she is helping herself or others to become strong, healthy or active again. And because of that She is a reviver. My favorite part about being able to share her story is that I know she would be able to do the same. More importantly she knows that sharing this part of her story allows her to connect, encourage and launch those around her into the same journey of reviving their lives."


chenille hinz
waldheim, canada
writing: beloved
story: "This is a gift for my best friend, someone who has walked with me through the highs and lows of my life with patience, joy, grace, kindness and love. I want this necklace to serve as a reminder of how loved she is by the One True King. He has chosen her as one of His own and calls her His beloved. He is passionately pursuing her heart and declaring these truths over her and I hope that this can be a reminder of His incredible love for her as His beloved daughter. 1 John 3:1-2 'See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Beloved, we are God's children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is.'"


maddelin mcfarland
los angeles, ca
writing: rom 8:31
story: "I've always been so cautious with being open about my faith when really, it is the most important part of my life. This past year has really tested my faith and in each and every problem I faced I just turned to God. I realized that when I focused all my thoughts on God and placed my trust in him, I felt invincible. I didn't care who judged me because of it. I constantly found myself thinking about one verse: 'If God is for us, who is against us?' Romans 8:31. Now, I just feel so filled with joy in the Lord and my main goal in life is to share this joy with everyone around me. I want to make a difference in the lives of others by bringing positive energy into every situation and I want to bring people closer to God."


kortnie karn
oklahoma city, ok
writing: surround
story: "'The love and faithfulness of God surrounds us and shapes our desires and dreams.' My pastor said this in a season of my life when I really needed to hear it. I want to live everyday knowing that His love surrounds us. I want to surround the people in my life with His love and be a reminder to them that even when it feels like life is not going the way we planned ( which honestly, it wont and that in it of itself is a HUGE blessing that takes perspective to see) that we are still surrounded by His love and grace and peace.  I want to surround today with all the love and intensity and courage that I can, and keep traveling along the beautiful path that God himself made for me."


chenille hinz
waldheim, canada
writing: trust
story: "This is a gift for my mom who has had a tough year. From discovering she had a large, cancerous tumour, enduring major surgery and being declared cancer free over the course of a few months. He is GOOD and is worthy of our trust. Whenever the temptation to worry arises, I pray that this is a reminder to trust in the One who is greater than it all. Provers 3:5-6 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.' "


kylie campbell
lone tree, co
writing: redeemed
story: "Something that I have battled with over and over again is understanding and accepting that the Lord has forgiven me of my sins and that His grace is never ending. I am redeemed and loved and I want this necklace to serve as a constant reminder of how good our Father is."


chenille hinz
waldheim, canada
writing: wonder
story: "May I never lose my wonder of Jesus and all that He has done and is doing for me.Habakkuk 1:5 'Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.' "


alison templeman
indianapolis, in
writing: follow you
story: "This phrase carries a lot of meaning in my life.  with the Lord as my compass, i am reminded to follow Him and the directions He gives.  in following Him, i give it up and let Him do what I can't."


kathy barringer
wadesboro, nc
writing: proverbs 3:5-6
story: "This Bracelet will be going to my step mom. She is in the process of going through a divorce from my dad and it is hitting them both pretty hard. I just pray that she finds the strength that I know she has and overcomes this. I hope that this bracelet gives her the motivation to remain faithful to God and she leans on him for guidance."


allyson springer
fort worth, tx
writing: phil 4:13
story: "This necklace is for my mom. She lost her best friend a few years back to cancer, and this verse was on the program at the funeral. Every since her death, for some reason, pennies have been a symbol of remembrance for her. Every time she sees a random penny somewhere, she is reminded of the strength of her friend. My mom has been through so much, and her strength has remained throughout, so I want this necklace to be a reminder of her beautiful friend and the strength we all have instilled in us through Christ."


kelsey young
austin, tx
writing: free, indeed
story: "This phrase is spoken by Jesus in the gospel of John and has changed my life.  Every since trusting in Jesus two years ago, I have never felt more free.  Some people think that being a follower of Christ means being bound by rules and responsibilities and living up to a standard, but I am convinced that following Him is true freedom.  He breaks chains, He cleanses, He renews.  Knowing Christ means knowing the giver of Life and being given the change to freely worship Him, for which I was created."


mikaela gallagher
penryn, ca
writing: abide
story: "Throughout my life this is the word in which I have and continue to need to act out more than anything else. I am nothing but flesh and bone without my Savior. John 15:4"


kourtni williams
lizton, in
writing: let go.
story: "There has been a lot of uncontrollable things happening in my life lately. I have been continually reminding myself to just let go. God has the bigger plan.. even if I do not see it right now. If I never let go I may never see all of the wonderful things that He has in store for my life."


emma lenz
san diego, ca
writing: dance more
story: "I wanna dance more. I want to belt out the words to my favorite songs and dance with my friends and my family and be reminded that life is really really good. Dancing with people I love gives me perspective, and it makes me smile really big. I suck at dancing, and that only makes it more fun. I wanna dance more."


casey mccrotty
north little rock, ar
writing: 2 Cor 13: 11
story: "This is a birthday gift for a special friend who I have seen many seasons of life with. She always spurs me on to love God better and takes life on with such ease and stride. I want her to wear this as a reminder the God of love and peace is always with her."


jessica gardner
saint petersburg, fl
writing: cayanan
story: "My best friend is getting married soon and this will be her new last name. :)"

lauren rutledge
dallas, tx
writing: agape
story: "Agape: the highest form or love, a self-sacrificing love, the love that God has for his children, the love that was demonstrated by Christ on the cross"


caroline jones
fort worth, tx
writing: be still
story: "This is the thing I need reminding of the most. I am constantly busying myself and I hate leaving time to do what I need most--simply being still. Whether it's being still with my Savior, or being still to look up and look at those around me. I need grace to teach me to be still."


lauren rutledge
dallas, tx
writing: beloved
story: "For my sister, a reminder that she is loved dearly by her Creator in heaven"

elizabeth duley
asheboro, nc
writing: worthy
story: "This is for a friend, to remind her that she is worthy of love, of friendship and most of all The Lord's unending grace!"

malu arreguin
san juan capistrano, ca
writing: win
story: "Win is the name of one of my favorite artists and I like that it doubles as a secret message."

lauren rutledge
dallas, tx
writing: 3.13.14 // redeemed
story: "This is the date of my baptism and a reminder that since putting my faith in Christ I have been redeemed, my sins have been paid for on the cross and I am set free!"

kelsey young
austin, tx
writing: enough
story: "I am getting this necklace for my best friend for her birthday. I am putting the word 'enough' on it to remind her that she is truly enough for God. He loves her for who she is and she didn't have to clean herself up for fix her life before she surrendered her life to Him. She has demonstrated this truth with her life and constantly reminds me that I am enough for God. Nothing that we do can ever make God love us more or less than he already does. We are His children, and we are enough."

taylor johnson
dallas, tx
writing: redeemed
story: "Jesus is called our Redeemer in Scripture. He restores. He heals. He makes all things new. He turns beauty into ashes. He turns the bitter into sweet.  I am so quick to find my identity in people, performance and approval; but there is endless freedom when I stop and remember that I am a redeemed daughter of the King. He pursued me at my most broken, and for that, I am eternally grateful."

lauren davis
fort worth, tx
writing: enough
story: "My entire life I have felt like I am never good enough. Not good enough for my dad, for my grades, myself, everything. I chose to get enough on my necklace as a daily reminder that I am enough, and that God created me and loves me the way I am."

lucy given
fort worth, tx
writing: it is well
story: "The song 'It Is Well' is such a unique reminder of the unmatched peace the Lord gives to us. Recently, I've been reminded of the specific purpose God has for each of our lives which makes it that much easier to say it is well, as we learn how to live better as a lover of Jesus."

aiden lillie
chareston, sc
writing: lean not
story: "In the beginning of this year I became obsessed with trying to figure out my future. I tried to dictate every aspect of my life in order for things to meet my expectations. The result was constant disappointment, relationships in my life suffering, and even my faith was affected. Then I came across these two verses: 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all you do and He will make your paths straight.' Proverbs 3:5-6. These verses taught me to trust God with writing my story for me and that it's not my place to try and change them all the time. His plan for me is better than anything I could imagine or create and I know know that. These simple words, 'Lean not', fill me with an unexplainable sense of relief and I can't wait to carry them around with me."

alexis brenner
charleston, sc
writing: firenze // 43n 11e
story: "Firenze means Florence, and 43 North, 11 East are the coordinates. This is where my best friend and I studied abroad. Florence, Italy will always have a place in our heart and was one of the most life changing journeys we got to share."

ramsie goss
dahlonega, ga
writing: honest
story: "I chose the word 'honest' because as I have gotten older I have realized that honesty is one of the most important virtues in my life. In life, I believe it is one of the hardest things to do. People try to live an honest life, but ulitmatly, other people's feelings could get in the way. I have always said that I would rather have the whole truth and be hurt than be lied to. I think being honest also leaves you with a clear conscience. It lifts the weight off of your shoulders. I always look to give people the benefit of the doubt, maybe that's me being naive, but I trust that they are being an honest person. I am honest, thus, I expect honesty from others. My favorite quote is 'Be silly. Be honest. Be Kind.' by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It captures the way I choose to live my life. I would have put this quote on the necklace, but obviously it would not fit. I love the word. I just want to try and live an honest life as a honest person."

jean catherine hubbard
charleston, sc
writing: endaxi
story: "last summer i worked on an archaeology site in Greece with CofC's geology department. it's something i had always dreamed of doing since i was a little kid. endaxi is a greek phrase loosely translated to "it's all good". it's a word we said a lot while over there. i had a few leftover euros from the trip and wanted to commemorate them somehow. now every time i look down at my wrist, i'm reminded that everything is ok, no matter what life throws my way."


olivia harjen
fort worth, tx
writing: beloved
story: "this particular word serves as a HUGE reminder of the fact that i get to wake up each morning redeemed by the God who adopted me into His family as a beloved daughter. what a sweet gift + way to go through life"

mckenzie haley
charleston, sc
writing: he > i
story: "'He must become greater, I must become less.' John 3:30. it is easy for me to get so caught up in what i want & what i think is best, that i put myself above what the Lord may want. this logo reminds me of all the humbling people i met from my mission trip in Serbia & how i must always keep Him ahead of anything i do."

laura shurna
glen ellyn, il
writing: 5.55 N, 0.20 W
story: "the coordinates of Ghana where my friend served the Lord fearlessly."

chandra macleod
manhattan beach, ca
writing: CW+CR BFF
story: "my best friend since 4th grade & i used to always write this on our notebooks, yearbooks, etc. (since the 1970's). it's our maiden name initials & just looking at it brings back memories of my childhood and i hope it does the same for my best friend." 

anna gerze
littleton, co
writing: trust
story: "my whole life i have struggled with fully giving my trust to Jesus. but what i have learned throughout my first years of college is that God knows exactly what He is doing. there is no need for fear or anxiety because it's already taken care of! giving it all to Him has been the best thing i have done"

christine fasano
hinsdale, il
writing: james 1:2
story: "this necklace is for my mom. she has endured so much in the last 5 years as she lost her dad to cancer, & is now losing her mom to dementia. she shows bravery & strength in her life every single day, & i'm so proud to call her my mother"

olivia klockenkemper
alton, il
writing: never give ^
story: "if my life & the lives around me have taught me anything it is that you will repeatedly be knocked down. but you always get up, you have to get up. you can do anything you set your mind to & you might just surprise yourself in the end. i hope everyone feels this way some way or another. life is too short to give ^"

rebecca fuller
rock hill, sc
writing: fearless
story: "i've recently found myself in a season of fear, anxiety & struggling to trust in the Lord's promises. i hope to wear this necklace & every time i look at it remember to pray & that God gave us a spirit of power, not a spirit of fear"

audrey brown
lexington, sc
writing: 32N 80W
story: "charleston's coordinates!! my daughter is at cofc & is turning 20 this year! we just wanted something for her to hold onto to remember this moment in her life. she is an incredible blessing to us! we are so thankful to the Lord for the gift she is to us. it has been incredible to see her walk with Him through her time in charleston. what a mighty & loving Father we have."

allison messimer
fort worth, tx
writing: 34 S 151 E
story: "i used to live in sydney, australia & it always has a piece of my heart!"

ashlee hardy
denver, co
writing: 1 Peter 5:7
story: "i met my best friend first day in our dorm room at the college of charleston. we immediately clicked & lived together the rest of our time at college or at least in the same building. she became like a sister to me & vice versa. i became a part of her family & she became a part of mine. a little over a year ago she lost her little brother to unfortunate ending. they were super close & were only a little over a year apart. my heart broke the night I found out, & this is why this verse is so important. it's always been one of diana's favorites, but now it has an even deeper meaning. it's one that she holds close & helps her get through her tough times. she lives in austin now, so I'm not able to see her as much, so I wanted to get her something super special for her birthday. i followed you ladies on instagram and i immediately knew this would be the perfect gift. charleston is hands down diana's favorite city and the place we met. so now she'll always be able to carry a little bit of charleston, our friendship & her brother around any time."

avery earl
aledo, tx
writing: charis
story: "there was once a girl named sally. she was going into high school & was so excited about her classes. then she went to AP english. as the class went on, she realized this class was going to be too hard for her. she was going to be able to do it. so she went home crying and told her dad that english was too hard. she wouldn't be able to get the grade she wanted. the next day Sally & her dad went to school to talk to her english teacher. through her tears, sally explained to the teacher that she was going to have to drop out of the class because it was too hard. 'i understand, sally. but what if I went ahead & gave you a 100 for the year?' her teacher said sally didn't understand...her teacher then took out the grade book & at the end of the year she wrote an 100 by sally's name. 'sally,' her teacher said, 'you already have your 100. will you take my class now? you're free to learn. it doesn't matter how well you do. you already have your A.' 

'charis' is greek for grace. this past summer this story was shared to me. this is the definition of grace. after hearing this story, i realized i didn't look at grace the right way. i saw grace as a lot of chances to try harder...not the freedom to live in Christ without fear of failure. He has done it all. i already have my A. Christ sits at the right hand of God because there is no more work to be done. he has finished it all. because we already have our 100, through His grace, we are entirely free to learn without fear of failure. our failures do not matter because we aren't being graded. how freeing! our relationship with this Lord is a dance, not a march. through His freedom, I am free to dance & learn without fear. grace. that's what this truly is. i am a student at the college at southwestern seminary in fort worth. this would explain my love for greek because I am in the process of learning it. i own a lifestyle and wedding photography business in the DFW area. i am a lover of grace, art, stars, my dog, & tacos. once i learned that this is what grace really is my relationship with the Lord truly became more real, alive, & exciting. when I learned how free i am in Him, i fell so much more in love with my Creator."

jenna ramsey
oxford, oh
writing: worthy
story: "this necklace is for my roommate, to her the word worthy is a reminder that she is worth the cross. that even if she was the only person on earth God still would have looked at her & said, 'i love you & you are precious to me, Rachel, you are worth this sacrifice.'"

kira markus
fort worth, tx
writing: but god
story: "but God: can, is, does, is more than, is better, love, forgive, the list goes on. in every situation i want to be reminded, 'but God'"

allie crump
fort worth, tx
writing: be free
story: "Christ has brought me so much freedom. freedom from idols that enslaved me, freedom from people pleasing, freedom from death. i love that through Christ i have been able to take off the shackles & declare my freedom in Him."

peton miller
smyrna, ga
writing: 34.8 N 84.3 W
story: "these are the coordinates of lake blue ridge, ga. my family recently sold our lake house of 15 years. i grew up on that lake & will always long for the times i was fortunate enough to spend there. this necklace will be a way for me to keep those happy memories with me always" 

maggie streelman
long beach, ca
writing: ecc 3:11
story: "this is a gift for my best friend's birthday. ecclesiastes 3:11 is her favorite verse"

ciara paniagua
escondido, ca
writing: poppy
story: "poppy is what i call my grandfather. he was my best friend & a truly amazing & special person. he passed away some time ago & i want to be able to keep him as close as i possibly can"

petra rack
fort worth, tx
writing: let go
story: "all my life i have had a hard time trusting in what God has planned for me. i constantly need to have control over everything in my life in fear that it won't go how i planned it. lately though, i have been learning that i need to just 'let go' & trust that God has a great plan for me & i just have to put my trust in Him."

rachel stelter
charlotte, nc
writing: Romans 12:2
story: "i am a firm believer that God is so intentional with having us cross paths with the right people at the right time. two years ago He blessed me with my incredible friend & more importantly sister in Christ. she is currently pursuing her professional soccer career in japan. romans 12:2 is her favorite verse. this necklace is a celebration of how she is a light to everyone around her & an example of His perfect & pleasing will." 

dancin morgan
greenwich, ct
word: Eph 5:14
story: "'wake up, sleeper. rise from the dead & Christ will shine on you.' this passage has been the theme of my family this year/ its been an amazing verse & i would love to physically wear it"

brooke bishop
charleston, sc
word: 32 80
story: "since i'm studying abroad this summer, i want to be able to keep a little piece of home with me & be able to share y'alls story & business with people i meet while i'm abroad, pointing everything back to Jesus!"

tessa prindiville
edwards, co
word: 26.6 S 153 E
story: "this is the location of the sunshine coast, australia. this is where my journey as a christian truly started. i gave my life to Christ last year on my discipleship training school & i am currently finishing up my school of biblical studies. it's crazy to see the transformation God has done in my heart in the past 15 months. i am so excited to see where he is going to lead me next when my chapter in australia comes to an end i move back to the states permanently this fall. this bracelet will be a sweet reminder to me of all that has been part of my life this past year & a half"

krystin major
arnold, md
word: 41.6800 N 70.2000 W
story: "this coordinate is to cape cod, ma. a beautiful place that i used to go to every year with memere (grandmother) who passed last year. she was the most giving kind hearted woman i probably will ever meet. this will keep her always with me!"

stephanie greene
charleston, sc
word: remember
story: "its so hard to remember who i am in the midst of life & craziness & whatnot. so i need as many reminders as i can get my hands on that i am a daughter of the King & that i am purified in his blood & that my righteousness is not by anything that i could possibly do, but my righteousness comes from the sacrifice of Christ Jesus on the cross"

margaret smith
charleston, sc
word: 35N 81W
story: "these are the coordinates for where i came to know the Lord!"

christie felker
indianapolis, in
word: beauty & ashes
story: "over the past four years, my family has journeyed through the heartbreak of ministry to God's healing & restoration. these words speak of God's faithfulness & love. a beautiful reminder of God weaving moments of our lives for His greater purpose"

alicia caldwell
athens, ga
word: grace
story: "i grew up in a christian home & was saved at the age of seven. i am so thankful for salvation at such a young age, but i really didn't know what it was to walk with the Lord, seek and follow after Him until much later, my senior year of college. one word that the Lord has shown me again & again as i have grown in my walk with Him is 'grace'. learning God's grace for me -through eternal salvation & daily living- & giving myself grace. learning that grace isn't earned, but graciously & lovingly given. learning that i don't have to be perfect & that i am enough because i am a daughter of the Most High"

amy knobloch
alexandria, va
word: rest in me
story: "since moving to the dc area, life seems like it is always on the move. people are always talking about what is next or all their plans for the weekend. it is so easy for me to get caught up in the hurry of this life but i want to sit & rest in God's presence knowing that He has it all taken care of."

alexandra venancio
north situate, ri
word: 22 30 09
story: "although this isn't a word, these numbers hold a specific place in my heart. my dad passed away when i was 6 years old, and it has been my mom & i ever since. i wanted to create something in honor of my dad's memory and in appreciation of my mom's amazing strength. the 22 represents my dad's birthdate, the 30 represents my mom's, & i am the 9th. now, even when i'm away from home, my family will always hang close by my heart"

joy carter
charleston, sc
word: even still
story: "this phrase is from a hymn written by horatio spafford who lost almost everything important to him, but still spent his life praising the Lord. one of the verses in the hymn says, 'when sorrows like the sea billows roll- whatever my lot, thou hast forgot me to say, it is well with my soul.' i want that to be the mentality of my life & how i view every trial i face."

allison clark
charleston, sc
word: xlv xii ii
story: "these roman numerals stand for my favorite bible verse, romans 12:2. it says, 'do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind; then you can test & prove that God's will is His good, pleasing & perfect will.' this was the first verse that really stuck with me last year as i was looking to renew my relationship with Christ & to have a better understanding for my walk with Him. it has allowed me to open my spirit & ming to a renewed, fulfilled life with Him, & having it on a necklace will allow me to be renewed of this transformation every day"

ellis johnson
greenwich, ct
word: 48 N 122 W
story: "we are getting them for all our cousins. they are the coordinates of our grandma's house that we all go to together every summer."

brigette adams
forth worth, tx
word: joy
story: "i choose joy. in my relationship with God i have discovered the significance in this God-given ability to choose our reality. no matter the season or drought, we have the ability to choose joy because of Him who has overcome the world. joy can be chosen in the midst suffering and joy can be chosen in the midst of the mundane. the reality is that the Kingdom of God is her & now. you & i are invited to be apart of it. it is because of this choice to join in, i have found an unwavering joy that surpasses all suffering. it is for this reality that i dance & sing; with GREAT joy!"

ashley finke
charlotte, nc
word: 35.5 N 80.8 W
story: "this is a graduation present for my friend rachel stelter. she had a tough recovery after she tore her acl playing soccer for davidson college this past fall, and she spent her time between school & my family's lake house during that recovery. she has come such a long way as a player, friend, mentor, & christian since that time. her growth has been tremendous & today she graduates & takes a huge, scary, wonderful, exciting step into the real world. i pray that her journey will be fruitful & blessed. she has certainly been a blessing to me."

bethany west
stafford, va
word: 15 S 28 E
story: "my roommate/the first girl i led in a bible study/a very dear friend is going to zambia, africa this summer to bring the message of life to those who are living in death. as a gift before she leaves, i am giving her a bracelet with the coordinates of zambia on it to remind her to 'be where her feet are' "

adrienne burch
mobile, al
word: home
story: "i am giving this to my sister for her high school graduation. she is moving off to new york city in the fall, &  i want her to remember that her home, while it may be many different places on this earth, will only truly ever be with her heavenly Father."

jordan esterby
summerville, sc
word: isaiah 55:9
story: "i love this verse because it touches my soul. it reminds me that no matter my circumstances, the Lord is in control. life is so hard. every day is a struggle to love others & to live for Christ. i do it wrong most of the time, but i have to remind myself that God's thoughts are so much higher than mine. which means that He's got this. i might not understand things, but the Lord does."

cara butcher
massapequa, ny
word: 32 N 79 W
story: "this is the coordinates of charleston, sc & she are getting it for a friend we met in charleston that is graduating & moving to chicago."

katie roberts
littleton, co
word: crowded
story: "i think as christians we are called to bring others with us to heaven. we are called to be selfless & put others first & by bettering others & pouching them we are getting them closer & closer to heaven. i put crowded on my necklace to remind me that its time for me to pick up my armor & to play my role in making heaven more crowded."

megan block
scottdale, az
word: PRJ
story: "these are my best friends initials. we've spent countless hours praying & crying together & living life. we're going to different colleges next year & i want her to be able to see this & remember me."

dixson bledsoe
birmingham, al
word: she laughs
story: "the story behind why i chose "she laughs " to be written on my necklace comes from Proverbs 31:25 where it speaks about the wife of noble character saying, 'she is clothed with strength & dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.' for me the fact that she can laugh at the days ahead of her is evidence of her unshakable faith & confidence in the Lord. i long for this confidence of faith that the wife of noble character has, to be so lost in the Lord & to find such strength  & joy from Him that what the future holds has no power over me. i want to be a woman that laughs at the thought of worrying myself over a day that has yet to come."

zoe morris 
greenwich, ct
word: 43 N 71 W
story: "these are the coordinates of the camp i'll be working at this summer in new hampshire. i went to this camp for 5 years when i was younger & its the place where i learned who Jesus really is, & where my faith became by own. i hope i am able to influence the girls the same way my councilors influenced me, and pray that somehow i'm able to further the Kingdom through the work i do up there this summer."

ali bolsinger
san clemente, ça
word: love you more
story: "i am getting matching necklaces for my mom & i. she is my best friend & for our whole lives we have always had the saying "love you more". it has & will forever be our thing with each other. i am leaving for college in the fall on the east coast, so as a saying goodbye for now gift & something that we can have together, i wanted to get her the long necklace."

ali mefferd
hudson, mi
word: even now
story: "i love the conversation that Jesus has with Martha in John 11. her brother has just passed away & she runs out to meet her Lord Jesus. she states her misunderstanding of the circumstances, but in the midst of the pain she also makes a bold statement of faith, 'if you had been here, my brother would not have died. but i know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.' i love the hope in those words, 'even now'. Even now God can still work & even now He is, in fact, at work. I want to remember that promise & have a bold faith in the midst of my circumstances." 

molly morse
charleston, sc
word: abide
story: "my friend & i did the "abide" study from Naptime Diaries last summer. for her birthday, i'm buying her a necklace with that word to remember al that we learned together during that study & to remember to abide in the Lord always." 

hope walker
charlotte, nc
word: faith
story: "for my beautiful best friend with a never ending faith" 

katey gascoigne
san francisco, ca
word: 37 N 122 W
story: "my best friend, who i have also been lucky enough to live with throughout college is leaving to do volunteer work in ecuador for the next year after graduation. i chose to get her & myself a bracelet with the coordinates of our home in san francisco on it as a going away gift" 

makenna kerr
laguna niguel, ca
word: sand & stars
story: "my mom always tells my brother & i that she loves us as much sand & stars there are, so for mother's day i thought that would be the perfect gift" 

carolyn carter
mount pleasant, sc
word: -38.6 178.0 (on a new zealand coin)
story: "after 18 years of battling the horrible war of cancer, my father passed away in the summer of 2014. his wish was of me & my family to spread his ashes on the beach he grew up on in gisborne, new zealand. this february we traveled to new zealand for a month celebrating his beautiful life & had an unforgettable ceremony spreading his ashes on midway beach. this nz coin will be a constant reminder of him & the strength & courage he exemplified throughout his life."

olivia hartjen
pleasanton, ca
word: 1 Cor 13:4-7
story: "this is my best friend's favorite bible verse, so i thought it would make a perfect birthday present."

kylie greeno
trucklee, ca
word: wild
story: "my mother has always been free spirited & spontaneous. since i was young i have been told so many stories of her doing the craziest things. this mothers day i want her to know one of the main qualities she has passed on to me. she has taught me to do whatever makes me feel happy even if it is crazy, even if it is wild"

erin ellender
baton rouge, la
word: galatians 2:20
story: "as an impressionable junior in college, my path crossed with ali's. a 38-year old beautiful, intentional, caring woman of the lord. her life is devoted to ministering to young women. she foresters relationships, gets to know the heart, & challenges to live a life set apart- a life for christ. this bracelet is for her, the verse chosen reflects a life that all so evidently embraces. her faith underlines all that she does. her example is one to be followed & i am so grateful to know her"

ally green
fort worth, tx
word: tetelestai
story: "all too often i let words define me, words attached to my worth as a daughter, a student, a woman. in my life, words are too infectious. but where his life ended; mine began. & that is a word i can rejoice in. teletestai- it is finished. as much as the enemy wants to define me as a failure or unworthy, i know that my life is defined by grace, joy, & complete confidence in who Jesus is"

lindsey parham
ashville, nc
word: enough
story: "this is going to be a gift for the high school girls that i mentor for two reasons. 1. that they will remember that they are 'enough' just as they are and 2. that Christ is always 'enough' for them"

sarah mosteller
charleston, sc
word: wild & free
story: "to be known as wildly & crazily joyful by & for my Abba Father is my life's desire"

sarah jacobs
charleston, sc
word: brave
story: "it is more of a verb than an adjective to me, we get to be brave not because of us, but because there is no fear in Him"

madalyn forrester
fort worth, tx
word: grace
story: "because there is nothing in the entire world that the grace of God can't cover"

KD graduating class of 2015
charleston, sc
word: 33' 80'
story: "the coordinates of charleston as a gift for the KD seniors"  

justin coats
altadelta, ca
word: john 5:24
story: "this is my grandmas favorite verse who just passed away & my mom's birthday is coming up so i wanted to get my mom this in memory of her mom"

She is one who revives, others and herself. Everyday she is helping herself or others to become strong, healthy or active again. And because of that She is a reviver. My favorite part about being able to share her story is that I know she would be able to do the same. More importantly she knows that sharing this part of her story allows her to connect, encourage and launch those around her into the same journey of reviving their lives.

please let us know (when you are ordering) if you want the story behind your word to be shared, or if you want us to be praying for it privately. either way we are so incredibly thankful of you.