Giveback India Cuff - Love Does

Giveback India Cuff - Love Does


25% of your order will be going directly to Love Does impacting the country of India

Each new threaded cuff is part of the limited edition Spare Change Project line. We partnered with LOVE DOES to create a line of cuffs using each color design to impact a specific country that they work in. 25% of the proceeds from this cuff will go directly to LOVE DOES impacting the country of India.

Our Skinny Threaded Brass Cuffs are hand cut, hammered, stamped, and threaded giving them a beautifully unique look. These cuffs add color and meaning to all outfits and are a perfect staple piece for everyday wear.

  • One Size (adjustable)

  • Impacting India

  • Handcrafted with love in the USA

Read more about the impact of this cuff in India HERE.

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