"Apwoyorwot" Necklace

"Apwoyorwot" Necklace

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The “Apowoyorwot” skinny bar necklace is apart of the limited edition Spare Change Project line. The Acholi word “Apwoyorwot” means “Thank you, God.” Read Grace’s story to learn why she wears the word “Apwoyorwot.” Made with Brass & Copper, this necklace is hand cut, hammered, stamped, and polished giving them a beautifully unique and antique look.

  • 8”, 11½”, 15” lengths from the clasp in the back

  • Available in Brass & Copper

  • Available in Vertical or Horizontal style

  • Handcrafted with love in the USA

30% of your purchase goes directly towards WEND’s mission.

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My name is Grace. When I was just 13, I was abducted by the LRA and forced to become a wife to a rebel commander. One day, in 2004, during an attack, I was hit by a bomb and suffered many injuries and bullet wounds. I waken to a nearby hospital. While there, the doctor discovered that I was pregnant. Often times, women would typically attempt to self-abort these “bush babies” (babies conceived during the war) with sticks. Despite the horrible circumstances, I decided to continue my pregnancy. When the baby was born, I named him “Apwoyorwot”, which means “thank you, God.” I wear APWOYORWOT (THANK YOU GOD).
— Grace