"Suubi" Necklace

"Suubi" Necklace

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The “Suubi” skinny bar necklace is a part of the limited edition Spare Change Project line. The Acholi word “Suubi” means “Hope.” Read Milka’s story to learn why she wears the word“Suubi.” Made with Brass & Copper, this necklace is hand cut, hammered, stamped, and polished giving them a beautifully unique and antique look.

  • 8”, 11½”, 15” lengths from the clasp in the back

  • Available in Brass & Copper

  • Available in Vertical or Horizontal style

  • Handcrafted with love in the USA

30% of your purchase goes directly towards WEND’s mission.

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Hi my name is Milka. I was abducted twice by the LRA. When I escaped the war, just like any other child in this war-torn region, I lacked a formal education. Tailoring and making jewelry were the only skills and trades I knew. Today, I am proud to be employed full-time at WEND. This job is directly helping me to put my 4 children in school, feed them and provide them with the opportunity for a more hopeful future. I wear Subbi (HOPE).
— Milka