WHAT Is the spare change project?

We wanted to create a special line of jewelry that would not only share the stories of world changing organizations; but actually make an impact. When you purchase from the Spare Change Project collection, 25% of the proceeds go to our featured organization.


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Our mission

Our mission for the Spare Change Project is threefold:

  1. Tell stories of world changing organizations.

  2. Give you a tangible way to advocate for them.

  3. Give you a tangible way to partner with them.

how does it work?

Each season we will pick an inspiring individual or organization creating change in communities around the world and develop a jewelry line telling their story while simultaneously giving back a percentage of the proceeds to this partnership. This means that when you order a piece of jewelry from the Spare Change Project line you will not only be hearing the story of an incredible organization doing good in our communities, but you will be joining the cause!


how do I become the next featured organization?

Are you an inspiring organization that desires to share your mission with the world? Awesome. Apply below.

Now featuring...

The net, Fort worth

The Net is a non-profit based out of Fort Worth, TX. It was founded to do more than offer handouts. It’s their firm belief that people need people more than stuff. They need to be seen, known, and loved. Their purpose with every initiative is to build community and meaningful relationships with people experiencing poverty in Fort Worth.

The Net’s mission is to develop healthy, restorative relationships with the people in Fort Worth, TX who need a network of support the most. Through their three core programs, special events, and more they are able to provide 38 relationship building events every single month. Everyone in Fort Worth deserves to be seen, known, and loved, and it’s The Net’s job to make sure that’s the case.

Our new collection features words that tell the values of this non-profit and the stories of the real people behind them.

25% of this collection will go directly to THE NET.

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5 powerful words. 5 powerful values


The refugee experience often involves isolation and loneliness due to being in a new country and speaking a different language. Through a weekly after-school club, refugee kids hear the message that they are loved and valued not despite their differences, but because of them. We aim to celebrate their culture while helping them adjust to life in the United States where they can thrive and grow as joyful leaders in all areas of life.


Anna experienced sexual exploitation for years, spending time in and out of jail, believing the lie that she was worth only what men were willing to pay for her. She recently graduated from a specialty court program called RISE. She told the audience at her graduation that the biggest change in her life is that now she knows she is worthy and she can now look people in the eyes because she is not filled with shame.



Sadie became a victim of sex trafficking at the age of 12 and endured years of abuse and incarceration. She served time in jail on prostitution charges even though she was a victim. Today, she is going to school, moving into her own place, attending relationship-building events at The Net, and experiencing true freedom for the first time.


Hope is evident when one of our friends experiencing homelessness meets with a volunteer life coach who listens to their dreams and commits to walking alongside them to turn those goals into dreams. It might be the first time they’ve imagined a hopeful future for themselves in a long time.



Grace is a core value of The Net because we believe that all people have inherent dignity and worth. Everyone who comes into The Net is met with this attitude; whoever they were or are on the streets is not important. God has extended them grace, so we extend our hands in friendship and get to know them as dignified, valuable, worthy individuals.

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