WHAT Is the spare change project?

We wanted to create a special line of jewelry that would not only share the stories of world changing organizations; but actually make an impact. When you purchase from the Spare Change Project collection, 25% of the proceeds go to our featured organization.


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Our mission

Our mission for the Spare Change Project is threefold:

  1. Tell stories of world changing organizations.

  2. Give you a tangible way to advocate for them.

  3. Give you a tangible way to partner with them.

how does it work?

Each season we will pick an inspiring individual or organization creating change in communities around the world and develop a jewelry line telling their story while simultaneously giving back a percentage of the proceeds to this partnership. This means that when you order a piece of jewelry from the Spare Change Project line you will not only be hearing the story of an incredible organization doing good in our communities, but you will be joining the cause!


how do I become the next featured organization?

Are you an inspiring organization that desires to share your mission with the world? Awesome. Apply below.