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WHAT Is the spare change project?

We wanted to create a special line of jewelry that would not only share the stories of world changing organizations; but actually make an impact. When you purchase from the Spare Change Project collection, 25% of the proceeds go to our featured organization.


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Our mission

Our mission for the Spare Change Project is threefold:

  1. Tell stories of world changing organizations.

  2. Give you a tangible way to advocate for them.

  3. Give you a tangible way to partner with them.

how does it work?

Each season we will pick an inspiring individual or organization creating change in communities around the world and develop a jewelry line telling their story while simultaneously giving back a percentage of the proceeds to this partnership. This means that when you order a piece of jewelry from the Spare Change Project line you will not only be hearing the story of an incredible organization doing good in our communities, but you will be joining the cause!


how do I become the next featured organization?

Are you an inspiring organization that desires to share your mission with the world? Awesome. Apply below.

Now featuring...


TRELLIS is a non profit based out of Orange County, CA which makes it extra special for us since it is where our company operates. TRELLIS exists to facilitate a collaborative approach to resolving the city’s greatest challenges. In Orange County this is homelessness, literacy, and neighboring/cultural integration. As a way of restoring dignity to those in poverty, they created a Community Impact Team which is a transitional work program for those experiencing homelessness. Our Spare Change partners with the CIT each week to create our jewelry.

Our new collection features symbols that tell the stories of men and women affected by the CIT and all that TRELLIS is doing in Orange County.

25% of this collection will go directly to TRELLIS.

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shop the symbol collection

6 symbols. 6 powerful stories.

wave - perseverance

Mary's Story

Mary was in an abusive relationship on the streets for several years until she connected with some Trellis leaders at one of our local churches and heard about the Community Impact Team. Lacking confidence, having earlobes that had been mutilated by her ex, dental issues and a lack of education Mary could not see a way out of her situation. She began coming to the Community Impact Team meetings on Saturdays, attending classes to learn about Word & Excel earning several certificates. Through a connection at the Community Impact Team she was connected to a plastic surgeon who fixed her ears and a dentist who fixed her teeth. For the last several years now Mary has had several jobs, is housed, has a car and serves on a regular basis giving back to others.

Mary has perseverance. Her symbol is a wave.

Antlers - valor

Joe's Story

Joe worked in the furniture industry for years and lost his job just as his marriage was ending, before he knew what was happening he found himself on the streets. As his car broke down and it became harder and harder to just make it day to day, Joe became increasingly frustrated with finding a job. As much as he wanted to work with no address, or stability he was having a hard time landing anything. After five years on the street Joe was ready to give up. Instead he became an inaugural member of The Trellis Community Impact Team, Joe started helping on projects throughout the city, earning points, being rewarded with gift cards and demonstrating his desire and ability to get back to work. Through contacts at the CIT, Joe received a glowing reference for a job at a local Hotel where he has now been working for almost three years, is no longer homeless and has even earned employee of the month status.

Joe has valor. His symbol is antlers.


mountains - peace

Rose's Story

Rose is a mom, a daughter and a sweet woman. She has been living on the streets now for a number of years. She helps others who are out there and has friends but stays to herself. As a part of the Community Impact Team, Rose has proven to be a good manager, a faithful, reliable and consistent worker who gets along with everyone. As a private person living in a crowded group shelter type has not worked for Rose. She is hoping for an opportunity to have her own room and a job that works for her.

Rose has peace. Her symbol is mountains.

bear - courage

Dave's Story

Dave was on the streets for 15 years. Having had a traumatic bus accident as a child that led to chronic pain and being a vet he had become accustomed to life on the streets. In many ways he didn’t feel like he was accepted or belonged. The Community Impact Team gave Dave a place to belong, contribute and make a difference. A tremendous worker and capable contributor he started to see more was possible. Through relationships at The Community Impact Team, Dave was walked through the VA’s Vash program and is now housed. As an ongoing member of the Community Impact Team, Dave is still looking for a 20 hour a week job that is a good fit for him.

Dave has courage. His symbol is a bear.


anchor - hope

Ray's Story

Having lost his great job at a hospital and enduring a painful relational break up, Ray quickly burnt through his savings and found himself depressed and on the streets. An intelligent, capable, helpful and very engaging individual Ray has been an incredible addition to the Community Impact Team. He leads a weekly team and facilitates an encouraging and positive environment for them. Ray is also a vet, through the CIT he has been connected to the VA VASH program. A meaningful job and housing are around the corner for Ray.

Ray has hope. His symbol is an anchor.

heart - love

Ronell's Story

Ronell is one of the nicest men you will meet. He is polite, respectful and more than anything wants to provide for his family who are currently living with some extended family members. As Ronell does whatever work he can find and is taking classes so he can get a better paying job he is a valuable part of the Community Impact Team. Always encouraging others, working hard on various CIT projects and using the gift cards he is rewarded with to meet basic needs. Ronell has found a supportive and helpful environment that will help him take his next steps.

Ronell has love. His symbol is a heart.

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