We believe your stories matter.

Now whenever you purchase a custom piece of jewelry, you will receive a story from someone around the world.


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stories can change the worLd.

Why? Because stories not only shape the way we view ourselves and others, they encourage hope and faith and love. They give us a lens to see the world through someone else’s eyes and teach us to understand people that are different from anything we are used to. Stories inspire us to alter what we view as impossible, care for people and ideas in a new and passionate way, and truly begin to create change all around us.

why we created story share

The mission for story share is simple:

We believe your stories can change the world,
so we are going to share them with the world.

how it works

  1. Whenever you place a custom order on piece of jewelry, you will have the opportunity to share your story with us. Once your story is received we will use it to create a STORY SHARE card that will be sent to someone else ordering a custom piece of jewelry.

  2. When you receive your custom order you will also receive a STORY SHARE card that will have someone else’s story on it from around the world.

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